The Ethereum Foundation has released a new feature for creators to create collections of their favorite NFTs. With this release, developers can now sell items in groups as opposed to one at a time.

Foundation Releases New Collections Feature for Creators

Foundation revealed earlier this week that they are introducing a “Collections” function to the platform, which is exciting news for authors.

Creators will be able to install their own smart contract, mint NFTs for it, and share it with the rest of the world using the new capability. This implies that artists may now post a collection of artworks in one spot that tell a narrative or have a certain topic.

It’s simple to put up a collection. Simply fill in the blanks with your artworks, titles, and descriptions, and start minting. However, be careful and double-check for spelling errors, since modifications cannot be done after the NFTs have been printed.

Artists may also use Foundation to import their current collections by filling out a form.

We hear you wondering, “What about petrol fees?” Yes, there are still petrol expenses for each item you add to your collection and mint. On the other side, there’s no limit to the number of NFTs you may use. Foundation has hinted at the opportunity to construct your own digital-first exhibition or fashion show, with additional details to be revealed at a later date.

On the website, you can learn more about the new Collections feature and how to utilize it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a collection Foundation?

A: When you create a collection, it will store all the items that are in your library. For example, if I am looking for my favorite books to read and want to add them into my personal library on Goodreads, then when I go to search for those books in the app theyll appear under My Library.

How do foundations get featured?

A: To be featured a foundation has to send in an application form with their logo and description of what they do. If the information is good enough, it will be posted on our website.

What is Foundation collection?

A: Foundation collection is a loose term used to describe any make up collections. Foundations are usually liquid or cream based in consistency and can be applied with various methods including brushes, sponges or fingers.