In honor of the legendary actor, martial artist and philosopher Bruce Lee’s 70th birthday on November 27, 2018 (US), CryptoKitty collectors will unlock a limited edition gold-plated Kitty that boasts 4 million NFTs. The commemorative coin is one of only 10 and each purchased token includes 100% ownership in the new collectible cat with over 30 years worth of game points.

The “NFT Collection in Commemoration of Bruce Lee” is a collection of NFTs that are being sold for charity. The proceeds from the sale will go to the Bruce Lee Foundation.

First NFT Collection in Commemoration of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee, the late Hong Kong and American martial arts star, will be honored in a new NFT collection. The collection honors the life and legacy of the martial arts pioneer, philosopher, and international action movie actor.

On Saturday, January 8, 2022, the Bruce Lee Family Company and NFT protocol Ethernity will release the NFT collection. ‘The Formless Form,’ as a homage to Lee’s thought-provoking notion of ‘being like water forcing its way through crevices,’ is the title of the collection.

The collection’s material, like the title, is influenced by Lee’s ideology and beliefs. It includes pieces by renowned artists such as Bosslogic, Raf Grassetti, and Anthony Francisco. Shannon Lee, Lee’s daughter and chairperson and CEO of the Bruce Lee Family Company and the One Family Foundation, said:

“My father was a firm believer in genuine self-expression. We’re honored to have the chance to work with these very gifted artists, whose visual expressions will serve to authentically convey Bruce Lee’s philosophy and teachings throughout the globe.”

Nick Rose, the CEO and creator of Ethernity, said in a statement that the firm is thrilled to be a part of Lee’s first-ever NFT collection:

“An highly significant person like Bruce Lee is a fantastic match for our enormous objectives and endeavors, and we live off discovering prospects for freshly enlarged worlds of important people.” We can’t wait to provide Bruce Lee’s followers additional opportunities to commemorate his life’s work, which our whole staff admires.”

‘The Formless Form’ isn’t the first NFT collection to pay tribute to a late pop culture icon; in 2021, NFT released collections in honor of Jerry Garcia, Kurt Cobain, Muhammad Ali, and Tupac Shakur, among others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bruce Lee NFT?

A: Bruce Lee NFT is a live standup comedy show.

What was Bruce Lees greatest achievement?

A: His most notable achievement was in the field of acting. He is best known for his career as a comedian and actor, but he also achieved success with film directing, writing, animation voice-over work and standup comedy routines.

What was Bruce Lees work experience?

A: Bruce Lee was a famous actor and martial artist, who had an incredibly successful career in his home country of China. He then moved to the United States where he eventually became Hollywoods highest-paid actor.

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