Ocean Saga is the newest game in the Fin Society Fables series. It’s a blockchain-powered collectible card game, but it does more than just use cryptocurrency for virtual goods – it also uses non-fungible tokens to create an entire ecosystem of living creatures that live on their own unique island chain.

The “where to buy nft tokens” is a question that many people have been asking. The Fin Society Fables has created a diverse ocean saga for NFT holders.

Fin Society Fables Creating a Diverse Ocean Saga for NFT Holders

All ocean enthusiasts who wish to delve deep into the wonders of the water and its gorgeous finned animals are invited to participate. NFT land will be home to a diversified narrative with an ever-expanding cosmos. This new concept, dubbed “Fin Society Fables,” offers a smooth experience and utility NFTs.

The Saga

These fragile animals must expand their species to become stronger and adapt to the new ways of the metaverse as they face extinction and genocide from their masters. To open up your road to Poseidon, swim in the water and look for your mate.

Once you start your legacy in the OpenSea as a Fin, you have one final decision to make. You may either become a Survivor Fin, who is a submissive but civilized fin who will carry out their task, or a Revolutionary Fin, whose primary purpose is to rebel against the human civilization that has treated their species as nothing more than food.

The Fin Collection is a collection of fins.

Fin Society Fables is a series of 10,300 NFTs that will be released in three installments. The “Prehistoric Collection,” the initial drop, will include 300 numbered and animated NFTs. There will be three sorts of unique NFTs out of the 300, with 100 of each type. These NFTs are ancient digital slabs that top Fin archaeologists have translated.

The “Finatic Collection,” the second drop, will include 5,000 male Fins with over 120 different qualities. One of these male fins will be required in order to get entry to the Social App for the Financial Society, which will satisfy one of Poseidon’s criteria. Holders of the social app will need to engage with it in order to move further into Poseidon’s Metaverse.

The third drop, dubbed “The Fintopia Collection,” will include 5,000 female Fins with over 120 different features. The presence of females in the game allows for dating and the formation of a fin family, which eventually increases the realm of Fin Society Fables. Female fins will be able to pair up with male fins and produce unique offspring depending on their characteristics, qualities, and performance on their dates. Obtaining this baby Fin will assist Poseidon in fulfilling another of his prerequisites for admission to his planet.

Holders of The Prehistoric Collection will get first access to the second and third collections, allowing them to fully use the Fin Society Social App. The second and third sets will also include attribute cards that will tell you what sort of personality your Fin has. More information may be found in the whitepaper.

The presale will begin at 6 p.m. EST on December 3 and the general sale will begin at 6 p.m. EST on December 4. Each NFT will cost 0.05 ETH, and purchasers may join the whitelist by registering on the official website.

Fin Society Social App

The specifically created social app will act as a forum for holders to meet and breed with other Fins in order to create a Fin family and receive Poseidon’s blessings. You will be asked questions regarding your match while playing. If you play your cards properly and respond appropriately, you’ll have a better chance of creating a more distinctive Baby Fin.


The Project’s Roadmap and the Brains Behind It

The team hopes to continue growing the Fin Society world by collaborating with the Fin community. They’ll also fund a community wallet with ten Ethereum, as well as a member-only retail shop, ETH raffles, and a donation of ten Ethereum to the Coral Reef Alliance. The next roadmap, which will be developed in collaboration with the public, will map out areas of the ocean that have yet to be explored.

The project’s masterminds are a collection of friends and partners that have previously collaborated in the technology industry, serving a variety of startups and other technology firms. They’ve been working hard to develop their own style and direction, and they’re always seeking for fresh ways to push themselves to new limits.

Fin Society Fables is on Twitter.

Here’s how to join Discord:


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