The crypto game ecosystem is still in its infancy, but has already grown well beyond the standard fare of blockchain games. NFTs have given players a wide range of experiences to explore and now femmes Bizarre takes that approach to new heights with an exhibitionism-laden collection.

The “opensea” is a new NFT that allows users to access an online marketplace for digital art and collectibles. The “opensea” offers a celebration of the unusual, with items such as artwork with QR codes, which can be scanned by anyone with a smartphone or tablet.

Femmes Bizarre NFTs Offer a Celebration of the Unusual

Those looking for their latest dose of the strange can go no farther than the blockchain. Femmes Bizarre is making its way this way to claim the title of weirdest collection in town. As a result, 11,111 frightening females with solitary intent will descend on the meta-realm with the sole purpose of spreading their brand of non-fungible mayhem to the public.

Femmes Bizarre, the brainchild of Salamandre, a young art star, combines a wave of hand-drawn brilliance with algorithmically created scarcity. All of this adds up to a collection unlike any other on the blockchain.

Femmes Bizarre NFT Collection

NFTs with a Sense of Humor

Femmes Bizarre is made up of precisely 11,111 different girls with a strong personality and a randomized scarcity, with three different designs and over 300 different features. These hand-drawn masterpieces star a core cast of three women, each with her own distinct personality and carefully chosen musical tastes.

Matilda is your typical chain-smoking succubus who enjoys jazz. Lilu is a sweet-faced, hard-playing secret agent with a soft spot for early 2000’s pop music. Uma is a wild and judgemental coffee enthusiast with a fondness for contemporary smooth rock, whereas Uma is a wild and judgmental coffee enthusiast with a penchant for contemporary smooth rock.

Each NFT will exist on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of an ERC-721 token, which will be released at a later date. Those wishing to gain a leg up on the competition may use the Femmes Bizarre socials to grab a coveted whitelist slot and mint for 0.06 ETH. Following that, a public auction will begin, with NFTs available for 0.08 ETH.

All of the NFTs will be delivered in a blind drop, keeping the mystery alive for the first several days. The mysteries stored therein will then be revealed in a big revelation.

Future Plans and the Roadmap

Femmes Bizarre will be releasing a slew of supplementary material to its die-hard fans throughout the drop. When they reach 25%, they will distribute 25 NFTs to members of the community. It will deploy 50 more when it reaches 50%, in addition to providing a one-of-a-kind high-quality DJ performance. The Femmes will then distribute 100 NFTs from ten different notable collections to 100 fortunate owners, as well as make their first philanthropic contribution of chess instruction to autistic youngsters.

Following the completion of the sale, the team will publish roadmap 2.0, which will kick off the second phase of operations. As they attempt to flesh out the brand, rumors of a Femmes Bizarre comic book swirl. More items with Salamandre’s vibrant and instantly identifiable aesthetic will be released on the blockchain in the future.

Femmes Bizarre NFT Collection

Charitable Efforts

Femmes Bizarre has set aside a percentage of revenues to support the autistic population in order to give back and help their fellow humans. Salamandre and her immediate family call this neighborhood home.

To that purpose, the team will choose three worthwhile initiatives to which the monies will be distributed. As of now, chess courses will be the first to profit from a Femmes Bizarre windfall, with two additional initiatives joining the list later.

The Bizarre Femmes Team

Salamandre, a 17-year-old artist, is supported by Femmes Bizarre, which is made up of a fantastic team of seasoned experts. Financial specialists, a music supervisor, an art director, a project lead, as well as development and communications professionals, make up their ranks. Each has a wealth of experience and a thorough understanding of their respective fields.

Anyone wishing to spice up their NFT collection with a bit extra weirdness should check out the Femmes Bizarre.

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NFTs are digital tokens that can exist in a variety of different forms. They are the new way to buy, sell and trade art online. Femmes Bizarre NFTs Offer a Celebration of the Unusual. Reference: what is nft art.

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