A new take on the fast food industry launched this week with a twist, as one of the world’s most famous cryptocurrencies teamed up with a popular Instagram account. While some blockchain-powered games are still in development, others have already begun to come online and create changes in their industries. The Doge NFT is an example of how crypto can be used to make existing businesses more innovative than ever before.

The “fast food frens opensea” is a partnership between the Doge NFT and fast food chain, Frens. The partnership will allow users to order their own personal doge that they can use as a meal token or trade for other goods on the platform.

Fast Food Frens Team Up with The Doge NFT to Launch Fast Food Doges

Fast Food Frens, the community’s favorite burger flippin’ frens, are back with a significant partnership and an exciting new collection. Prepare for a large gathering of Fast Food Frens and the original Doge meme!

Who are the Fast Food Frens, and what do they do? 

Fast Food Frens debuted earlier this year, and the charming set of 5,555 individually pixelated pieces sold out in less than 48 hours. Fast Food Frens have been known for their hard labor, memes, and a strong community that has evolved into its own organic and supportive network of anything from frenchisers to frycooks since then.

The project will have its own utility token, $FRIES, as well as a Fast Food Frens retail store and other interesting competitions, events, and partnerships in the near future.


Doges of Fast Food

The Doge NFT, the entity that acquired the original Doge meme for 1,696 ETH ($5.5 million USD) earlier this year and fractionalized it into a billion $DOG pieces, just made a major statement in the Discord channel. The new NFT collection “Fast Food Doges,” created in partnership with The Doge NFT, will include 1,696 pieces of freshly hired Fast Food Doges.

The fusion of two renowned communities has resulted in this unique collection, which is the newest component of the Frens Metaverse. The Doge NFT has backed the designs, which are based on the original Kabosu (Doge) pixel art. Each Fast Food Doge is associated with one of nine fast food restaurants.

There will never be any more Fast Food Doges, with 75 percent going to the Fast Food Frens and The Doge NFT communities through a whitelist and 25 percent going to the general public. An open auction of the “Dogalisa” will take place after the public sale, which is currently underway. The earnings from the auction will be given to The Bark Charity, and Dogalisa is one of numerous iconic Fast Food Doges.


The Frens Group

Elliothereum, Francois, Pasha, and BruceLeeTrading, with the support of other skilled frens, founded Fast Food Frens. The team is committed to building a community where friends can be themselves, interact with one another, speak about life, and create new experiences. The future of Frens is bright, as the team continues to construct the Frens environment and strives to provide actual usefulness to all Frens holders.

Fast Food Frens may be found on Twitter >>

Here’s where you can get Fast Food Doges >>


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The “why dogecoin” is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2013. The Doge NFT team up with the Fast Food Frens to create the new fast food doges.

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