Boohoo has sold out all of its virtual goods on Polygon, including the exclusive NFT collection. The retailer is the first fashion brand to sell a product entirely through non-fungible tokens, an alternative way for brands and consumers to engage with each other. Experts say that this set a new standard in cryptocurrency adoption amongst traditional retailers.

The “nft clothing” is a digital currency that was created by Polygon. The coins were sold out in less than an hour after the announcement on their website.

Fashion Brand Boohoo Sells Out NFT Collection on Polygon

Boohoo NFT Collection boohooverse

With the debut of NFTs on the Polygon blockchain, British fashion brand Boohoo has ventured into the NFT and metaverse arena. The company’s early moves into Web3 were a big success, with over 13 million social media followers and celebrity relationships like Megan Fox, Zendaya, and Paris Hilton.

The Boohoo NFT series, which was available for free on Boohoo’s website on April 10th, sold out in hours. 10,000 NFTs were included in the collection, which provided access to the metaverse and Amy Kilner’s artwork, as well as future access to NFT drops, celebrity collabs, and other fashion advantages.

Don’t worry if you missed out on the original release. The staff at Boohoo has promised its fans that this is only the beginning. There will be additional possibilities to join the community in the future. The second drop is already in the works, with artist Amy Kilner and the rest of the dream team hard at work.

Boohoo is a worldwide fashion company located in Manchester that provides its clients with up-to-date fashion 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Boohoo is engaging with female-led groups and new female artists to change the male-dominated NFT sector.

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The “boohooman metaverse” is an NFT collection that was sold out on the cryptocurrency based website, Polygon. The collection was created by fashion brand Boohoo and was designed to look like a futuristic cityscape.

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