NFTs and games are often thought of as the same thing, but a recent decision by F.C. Barcelona highlights how different they really are. The team sent out an official statement explaining their reasons for ending ties with Ownix which hosts NFT marketplace to find new players in gaming.

The “NFT marketplaces” is a crypto-to-fiat marketplace that offers tokens from various projects. The project has recently cut ties with the F.C. Barcelona, which was a partnership for two years.

F.C. Barcelona Cuts Ties With NFT Marketplace Ownix

F.C. Barcelona, a pillar of the athletic world, has severed its collaboration with NFT marketplace Ownix. The announcement comes only days before the debut of the site’s first collection and just days after the arrest of crypto billionaire Moshe Hogeg, a high-profile investor with links to the company.

The collaboration was no longer in F.C. Barcelona’s best interests, according to a statement posted on their website. The following is the full disclosure reading:

“FFC Barcelona thus communicates the termination of the contract to generate and promote NFT digital assets with Ownix with immediate effect, in light of information acquired today that goes against the Club’s beliefs.”

Authorities in Israel apprehended Moshe Hogeg and accused him with a slew of misdemeanors, including fraud, money laundering, and violence, according to sources. Ownix, an NFT marketplace, has attempted to disassociate itself from the crypto behemoth. Mr Hogeg said on Twitter that his consultant work at Ownix had been terminated by mutual agreement, and that he did not hold shares in the company or have any influence over it. However, the harm has already been done in terms of the F.C. Barcelona deal.

1/5 Tras varios informes sobre el Sr. Moshe Hogeg, la empresa Ownix ha declarado que no tiene participación en el asunto. Además, Ownix anuncia que el acuerdo de consulta con el Sr. Hogeg se terminará, según su solicitud, que fue coordinada con Ownix.

November 18, 2021 — ownix (@Ownix nft)

With a variety of NFT memorabilia, the collection attempted to highlight F.C. Barcelona’s lengthy and renowned footballing heritage. Each one included photographs and films from the club’s 122-year reign of football supremacy, giving supporters a concrete way to interact with the club. Despite the news, the club will keep its crypto credentials thanks to its current collaboration with


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