This blog is about exploring features in the OpenSea Gallery, a decentralized virtual world built on top of Ethereum. You can explore everything from crypto collectibles to unique 3D assets for DApps!

In Decentraland, users have the ability to purchase land. The cost of purchasing land is 0.01 LAND tokens per square meter. Users can also buy a plot of land in bundles of 100,000 LAND tokens for $100 USD.

Exploring the OpenSea Gallery in Decentraland

I’ve found the ideal venue for you if you like NFTs, art, and the color blue. OpenSea, one of the most popular NFT markets, has just built an art gallery at -88, 68 in Decentraland. The gallery lies at the top left corner of the whole map, on the southwest edge of Vegas City. The gallery is next to the Chateau Santoshi Kiosk and Casino. In December alone, OpenSea made a bit more than $3 billion in sales.

The gallery’s exterior is a blue and turquoise green box-like construction with a Roman motif. The entryway includes two big doors that lead to the gallery floor directly. The entryway is flanked by two massive Roman columns. Above the entry ways, a big OpenSea emblem is placed in the front and rear.


Mini pop-up stores of digital art are located around the museum. Hackatao, Diego Rodriguez, and Loopbomp are among the sixteen in total. The blue and gray checkered pattern on the flooring and ceilings is consistent throughout the construction. There are four big, twisting steps with two large plants on every side. A showroom with a giant screen and seating is located in the heart of the building.


The simplicity, regularity, and color scheme of this construction appeal to me. Blue is my favorite hue, and the blue and gray tiles complement the turquoise well. This edifice has a lot more potential than just hosting art shows and films. Drop events, art fairs, community activities, and live broadcasting at OpenSea’s gallery may make a big mark in Decentraland.


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