Decentraland is a 3D virtual reality platform that allows users to create their own land. In this space, you can build, explore and interact with other people in shared spaces while they control the content in their private regions of the world.

The “nft gallery” is a digital art gallery that has been created by the Decentraland team. It showcases some of the best artwork in the world.

Exploring the Ainsley Gallery in Decentraland

Jake, welcome back to the Metaverse Explorer series.

I’ve discovered the ideal site for you if you like art, humanitarian causes, and Roman-style buildings. The Ainsley Gallery, located at -118, 88 in Decentraland, just opened. Ainsley aspires to be “the metaverse’s first natively digital art curator avatar.” The Last Slice Collective is responsible for the Ainsley idea. The gallery is positioned on the intersection of Vegas City Arts Village and the Cyber Space Gallery, in a unique location. The Valdé NFT Collective, a blockchain project founded by Valdé Beauty to finance and assist female artists, creatives, and beauty entrepreneurs, was on display at the exhibition.

The building seems to be Santa Clause’s vacation residence from the outside. The structure is painted white with slight green and red accents. Four Roman-style pillars, identical to those seen in front of the White House, support the front. The pillars are encircled by Christmas lights, and the mansion is surrounded by white gates. There are two revolving constructions that are precisely situated in the front of the image. The home is two floors tall, with many windows on each level. 


The walls are pink on the inside, and the flooring are a deeper purple. The marble-style decorations on the deeper purple floor are continuous across the first and second levels. The chandelier is a beautiful rainbow hue that casts a strong light across the space. On the other side of the entryway, there is a giant screen with video. There are two glass stairwells with highlighter pink railings. The gallery is a nice size, with enough of room for CryptoArt on the walls.


The build’s structure is both basic and vivid, which I like. Basic white, green, and red are used on the façade to complement the physical framework. The inside is warm and inviting, with enough space for a dance floor and gallery. I’m excited for Last Slice Collective to keep hosting events at the location!


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