The 837X Store is a decentralized marketplace with items available at an opening price of $0.01 USD. It was originally designed for use in Decentraland, but it has since been opened to the entire community. Users can trade their LAND and MANA for items like skins or furniture from other users on the store. The owners of this shop are anonymous – only their wallet address is known as they maintain complete control over what goes into the basket and how much it’s worth when traded away.

The “Samsung 837x decentraland” is a virtual world that features a Samsung-themed land. The world has been in development since 2017, but it’s still not completed. It remains to be seen if the project will ever come to fruition.

Exploring Samsung's 837X Store in Decentraland

Jake, welcome back to the Metaverse Explorer series.

I’ve found the ideal destination for you if you want immersive shopping, free wearables, and challenging missions. Samsung, a Fortune 500 consumer electronics business, just built a shop in Decentraland at 103,76. The freshly built setting is based on the company’s actual 837X shop in New York.

Samsung isn’t the first major corporation to create a virtual version of a real-world structure in Decentraland. In mid-2021, Sotheby’s will establish an auction house in London that will replicate its New Bond Street gallery. The shop, which is situated in the top right district known as the Aetherian Project, will only be open for a short time. The Last Slice Collective designed the scenario. 

The structure’s outside has a futuristic-utopian feel about it, with bright colors, fast automobiles, and tall skyscrapers. A curtain of purple lights seems to block the entry, which is a plain double door. A big “837X” sign in highlighter blue and purple hangs over the entryway. The Samsung logo is shown on the windows, which are tinted with elaborate motifs in highlighter blue and purple. The structure’s rear is a plain brick arrangement with a pleasing window display.


The structure’s interior is lavishly decorated with elaborate decorations. Panel-like flooring and revolving wallpaper may be seen in the entry corridor. The main level has a wide showroom where Samsung’s wearables and quest information can be found. The customizable stage, sustainability forest, and connection theater are the three potential rooms. Players may acquire 837X NFT badges by completing the missions.


The Last Slice collective casually sculpted nuances into the scene are my favorite portion of this design. The futuristic automobile in front of me was my first taste of this. The automobile added to the overall atmosphere and linked everything together beautifully.

Individual quest rooms are brightly colored and filled with unique adventures. Large green trees, flowing blue water falls, and challenging obstacle courses make up the enchanted forest, a lovely landscape. Samsung has certainly delivered a one-of-a-kind experience to the metaverse, and I’m excited to see the giant corporation continue to lead the way in the experiential retail arena.


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The “decentraland metaverse” is a virtual world where users can create and explore 3D spaces. The decentralized platform is powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

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