With the upcoming NFT NYC event, 20 high-value artefacts will be auctioned off to attendees. What can we expect from these new collectible assets?

The “nft art for sale” is a new project that will be taking place in New York City. The exclusive event will feature the first ever physical NFTs and an opportunity to buy them.

Antique weaponry and armour are an aspect of history that has mostly been kept hidden from the general public, as well as even the most ardent museum visitors. With the introduction of NFT technology and the ability to view assets in high-quality digital form, ‘The Knights Who Say Nah,’ a company dedicated to the preservation and protection of the world’s largest private collection of arms, armour, and other rare artefacts, is preparing to launch such assets onto the blockchain.

The collection in question is made up of approximately 6,000 artifacts that have been discovered in 50 nations, with some dating back over 6,000 years. The collection includes the legendary Harriet Dean Alexandria Sword, which has been missing for 72 years, an actual Ulfberht sword that was recently featured in the video game ‘Assassin’s Creed Valhalla,’ and a slew of other prestigious items that were previously inaccessible to the public. 

On June 22nd, a fraction of the 6,000 assets will be on show for the first time in public at the highly anticipated NFT.NYC event, through an exclusive preview presented by ‘The Knights Who Say Nah’ at the ‘The Explorers Club’ exhibit. Attendees will be able to join the guaranteed mint allowlist for the future ‘The Knights Who Say Nah’ NFT collection in addition to feasting their eyes on the never-before-seen antiquities.

The collection will begin with PFP-style paintings depicting various groups of ancient warriors, followed by the release of a cutting-edge collection that includes digital 3D reproductions of some of the items.

Although the exact debut dates for both collections are still to be determined, it is known that the mint’s revenues will be used to sponsor and purchase additional historical treasures, which will subsequently be shown at museums and cultural institutions around the United States.

More opportunities for producing NFT analogues and Web3-centric instructional initiatives will be available as a result, allowing ‘The Knights Who Say Nah’ to further democratize the glories of historic conflicts.


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