In a marketing move, ESP Guitars announced that they have signed an agreement with Fanaply to use their platform. The Guitar Company plans on using the software for its upcoming products and brand awareness.

The “digital collectibles” are a new type of digital asset that can be used in games, apps, and other software. They are called “Non-Fungible Tokens” (NFTs). The ESP guitars have partnered with Fanaply to create these NFTs.

ESP, the world’s most famous guitar manufacturer, has used the blockchain to develop a series of instrument-themed collectibles. As a result, fans can now purchase digital materials based on their eye-catching Pyrograph guitar line.

The eco-friendly NFT platform Fanaply is ESP’s first excursion into the non-fungible realm. In all, 90 NFTs are selected, with three distinct designs each limited to 30 copies. As a result, the M-I FR-DLX Skulls & Crows, M-II Hardtail Great Wave, and TE-II Hardtail Snakeskin guitars have all been digitized and are now available for $100 apiece on the Fanaply platform.

Do you intend to take one?

November 2, 2021 — (@guitar)

Dino Muradian, a wonderful artist, developed the Pyrograph series, which contains complex hand-burned electric guitars. There are 30 of these instruments in all, and they sell for upwards of $8,000 apiece. Fans may now own a piece of guitar history without having to pay a large sum of money or even having the skill to play.

Fanaply is an environmentally friendly NFT platform focused on generating and delivering NFTs for the music, sports, and entertainment sectors. As a result, the platform developed these meticulously designed digital treasures while causing no damage to the environment. And, to that aim, has teamed up with Offsetra to assure carbon-neutral energy use.

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