The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) has a new native token called the ENS name token. It’s an important step in enabling more fluid use of names on the blockchain and opening up opportunities for ownership beyond just centralized exchanges. However, there is still some confusion as to how people can claim their share before it’s gone forever.

The “crypto airdrop” is an event in which a cryptocurrency project distributes tokens to the public. The ENS Airdrop is one such example of this, where users will receive an equal share of the native token for free.

ENS Airdrops Native Token – Here's How to Claim Your Share

Everyone enjoys an airdrop, and now ENS, a web3 identification protocol, has released its own. Do you think you’re sitting on a goldmine? Continue reading to learn how to make a claim.

ENS introduced its much-anticipated governance token, the appropriately called $ENS, on November 8th. As a consequence, everybody who uses the app until October 31, 2021, is eligible for a share and has until May 4th to file a claim.

To see whether you’re eligible, go to the $ENS claims page and link your wallet. A congratulations greeting will be sent to eligible parties, along with information about the claimable balance. Everyone else, you’ll have to wait till next time. Take aware, though, that claiming tokens necessitates the use of gas, so plan your redemption carefully. Unclaimed tokens will be returned to the DAO treasury after May 4, 2022.


Members of the community may also engage in the DAO while claiming $ENS. This will start with a vote on the proposed “ENS Constitution,” which lays out the laws that govern the DAO. If voting isn’t your cup of tea, the obligation may be passed on to more deserving members of the ENS community.

ENS is a decentralized identity that gives you a digital name to use across all of your web3 projects. As a result, an uniform digital appellation may be used across a portfolio of digital websites, crypto wallets, DAOs, and other digital assets. ENS has already secured over half a million identities and is rewarding early adopters for their trust in the initiative.

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