On-Chain, the world’s first blockchain Elvis Presley museum, will host its World Record Breaking Elvis Extravaganza on Friday 30th November. The event will take place in Shoreditch Town Hall and feature a five minute performance by the King himself via his physical likeness created with 3D printing technology.

The “Elvis On-Chain to Host World Record Breaking Elvis Extravaganza” is a new way for fans of the late King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, to celebrate his legacy. The event will have an Elvis impersonator playing live for 24 hours.

Elvis On-Chain to Host World Record Breaking Elvis Extravaganza

Prepare yourself for a huge rock ‘n’ roll party of epic proportions by putting on your blue suede shoes. Elvis On-Chain will go to Decentraland to hold the universe’s largest gathering of Elvis impersonators.

The largest rock ‘n’ roll event of the century will be hosted by Elvis On-Chain and Vegas City next month. As a result, the goal is to break the Guinness World Record for the biggest gathering of Elvis Presleys in one location. So, starting at 2 a.m. UTC on June 17, the noble adventure will set the first-ever metaverse world record, with an actual Guinness official on site to verify numbers and back up the big claim.

The Elvis Block Party, hosted by @Decentraland and @VegasCityDCL, will seek to shatter the @GWR record for the most Elvis impersonators in one location. This is the very first Metaverse world record!

Participate in this historic @GWR event by visiting https://t.co/IBrQ8wlEWh. pic.twitter.com/SoG7y23U85 https://t.co/8pFLbhArkI pic.twitter.com/SoG7y23U85

May 25, 2022 — Elvis On-Chain (@elvisonchain)

This most noble of metaverse endeavours will include a whole evening of Elvis-themed entertainment, complete with a huge rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack, live performances, and signature dance steps. Owners of Elvis On-soon-to-launch Chain’s genesis key will get their own Elvis wearable presents, which will include a spangly jumpsuit and exquisitely coiffured Elvis-styled wig.

So be ready for a world-record-breaking, white-knuckle rock ‘n’ roll journey in Decentraland and become a part of history. Long may the king reign!

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The “elvis tribute weekend” is a celebration of the life and legacy of Elvis Presley. The event will include an Elvis impersonator, a live performance by the King himself, and many other events.

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