The Elementa crypto-collectible trading card game, that will launch soon on the Ethereum blockchain, features a unique concept art and storyline. This new project is coming from BlockCat Studios in partnership with GIGANTIC – a team of digital-entertainment professionals who have been working within the industry for more than five years.

The “nft groups” is a game that offers players the opportunity to create their own unique cryptocurrency. The game also features an unique concept art and storyline.

Welcome to the planet of Elementa, the surviving inhabitants of Viridium, a shattered world. Will you be one of the final 10,000 people alive to figure out how to rescue the world?

The Cast of Characters

Elementa combines the best of collections, gaming, and narrative in a massive NFT project that will debut later this month. Collectors will have the opportunity to fight it out in grueling fights, strive for the title of champion, form guilds with their closest friends, and contribute to the telling of Elementa’s innovative tale.

The Elementa characters are created at random from over 140 gorgeous and uniquely hand-drawn works in the “concept art” art style. Each character will have a distinct name and gender, as well as one of seven distinct races, a unique set of armor and weapons that no other character possesses, and a set of stats that are allocated at random. The backdrop picture will be a high-resolution concept art scene depicting the character’s home Bastion, which will have an impact on the character’s combat skills and Novel experience.

The drop will take place on November 20 at 17:00 UTC, and each NFT will cost 0.05 ETH. Those who keep their Elementa from the time it was first released to the end of the novel will get a free printed copy. Join the Discord channel to be included to the pre-sale whitelist.


The Initiative

The novel’s prologue has already been written, and it outlines the world’s background, elements, and races. It will be distributed in stages over the course of a few days until the final drop. After then, the real fun begins. Following the release of the NFT, each chapter will be created in real time, depending on the weekly choices that holders make with their characters. Characters will encounter emotional circumstances, large-scale warfare, and maybe even your character will appear in the novel!

Users may also engage in a play-to-earn game, win prizes on seasonal leaderboards, earn in-game gold to swap for the forthcoming native currency, and attend grand tournaments in addition to the Novel element. The game revolves on players duking it out with other characters in each Bastion’s fighting arena.

The project’s creators will also set up a liquidity pool and a community fund with up to 30 ETH for users to pick what to do with. Participants may donate to charity, increase prize pools in the game, spend it on enhancements, or throw pool parties with the money they earn. A portion of secondary sales will be utilized to supplement this. After all NFTs have been sold, an extra 20 ETH will be given to a charity, which the community may choose, although the team is very enthusiastic about helping education in Myanmar, among other reasons.


The Team

The project’s power team hails from various parts of the globe and includes some of the most skilled designers and developers. Eddie is the brains of the concept and the project’s lead developer. He owns and operates a successful development business in the United Kingdom, where he works with significant customers on a regular basis. Jensen is the brilliant illustrator and artist that created the designs. He worked for Indonesia’s premier Triple-A Game Art and Animation firm for many years. Tyler is the driving force behind the plot. He just completed a successful Kickstarter campaign for his own Roleplay Comic. Finally, Jamie is a programmer who enjoys NFT. He is devoted to whatever he creates and will not stop until it is flawless.

Elementa may be found on Twitter.

More information on the project may be found here >>


The “nft discussion group” is a unique concept art and storyline game that has been released by Elementa. It’s an interesting take on the cryptocurrency world.

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