Overwatch’s newest hero, Ashe, just arrived on the scene via a new NFT in partnership with Disney. Edgar Entertainment is looking to partner with the game publisher and add their own heroes into its blockchain-powered space adventure title “Lil’ Heroes.” The company plans to launch this week through an initial coin offering (ICO).

Edgar is a project that plans to launch NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The project has partnered with Exile, an NFT platform, to allow for curatable items.

Edgar Plans Partners with Exile to Launch Lil' Heroes NFTs

Edgar Plans, a contemporary visual artist, has teamed up with content provider Exile to develop an NFT collection called Lil’ Heroes, which is based on his work. Curatible, a group of art collectors dedicated to bridging the gap between conventional and digital art, is also assisting with the partnership.

The collection will debut in January 2022 and will include over 200 distinct qualities in the form of hand-drawn NFTs. The debut is expected to be followed by a multi-phase roll-out of a children’s entertainment brand, which will include an animated children’s series, a virtual metaverse experience, and other consumer items and publications for fans of the vivid and vivacious big-eyed Lil’ Heroes characters.

Plans, who was born in Madrid, is most known for his colorful cartoon creatures known as The Animal Heroes, and his work has been shown in galleries and museums across the world, including Paris, Brussels, Shanghai, Moscow, and Barcelona. “Lil’ Heroes is a collection inspired by the work I’ve created throughout my time as an artist, and I can’t wait to share that art with a new audience and explore how we can build on this franchise in the entertainment space,” the artist said of his excitement to bring the unique NFT collection to life.

Exile is a significant content supplier for audiences that speak English and Spanish. Their partnership with Plans is supposed to be a long-term plan for them. The company’s President of Content, Daniel Eilemberg, stated:

“This is our first excursion into NFTs, and we’re thrilled to be working with Edgar and Curatible on it.” NFTs, we believe, may be a great tool to create active communities around art, fashion, and entertainment businesses while also rewarding early fans with genuine value and ownership. We’re delighted to explore a new way of thinking about the connection between a studio and its audience by building this brand not just for, but with the community.”

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A new partnership between Edgar, a decentralized platform for the sharing of digital assets, and Exile, a blockchain-based game distribution platform that allows developers to distribute games directly to players without any middlemen. The partnership will allow users to purchase “nft sales” on the Lil’ Heroes NFTs marketplace.

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