The gaming and collectibles market is already a multi-billion dollar industry, but with the addition of blockchain technology to the marketplace, that number could grow exponentially. Whether this content will be placed on other platforms like Steam or not remains to be seen.

The “ebay nft marketplace” is a decentralized auction platform that uses the NFT technology. eBay has acquired the company known as KnownOrigin and will continue to expand on their NFT journey.

eBay has bought UK-based NFT marketplace KnownOrigin in a transaction that brings together the expansive knowledge of one of the top platforms in the Web3 sector with the reputation and worldwide reach of an undisputed e-commerce behemoth. More information on the purchase has not yet been released, although the deal was finalized on June 22.

The company’s Web3 section, which was launched in May with the release of a Wayne Gretzky-inspired NFT collection, has advanced with eBay’s purchase of KnownOrigin. However, as the firm has just recently begun toying with the notion of integrating crypto payments into its platform, the collection was only available for purchase using fiat money. However, now that the KnownOrigin team is on board, it’s possible that by the end of 2022, more blockchain technology will have been adopted by the worldwide market.

The Manchester-based KnownOrigin NFT marketplace was established in 2018 and has since solidified its position as the go-to, technologically advanced platform for artists to develop, list, and sell NFTs on. The company’s CEO, David Moore, had the following to say about the historic deal:

“We established KnownOrigin to enable artists and collectors to promote, market, and gather distinctive, verified digital goods. We think now is the ideal moment for us to collaborate with a business that has the reach and expertise of eBay as interest in NFTs continues to soar. We have spent more than 25 years creating communities of like-minded people, so the chance to include a whole new audience in this adventure excites us. We couldn’t have picked a better moment to concentrate on expanding and creating with the team at eBay since this is the beginning of a new chapter in the KnownOrigin journey. We will be able to draw in a new group of NFT makers and collectors thanks to this relationship.


The “ebay nft shipping” is the latest acquisition in eBay’s journey to create a decentralized marketplace. This move will allow for greater transparency and ease of use.

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