The video DW uploaded to Youtube is a 20-minute, NFT-powered film about the Freedom of Press. But when bidding for advertising time on that video started at only $0.00005 per second and one company offered nothing, we had to consider other options. We are auctioning off this video to support independent voices in journalism!

The “selling nft” is a video that was auctioned off with the proceeds going to Freedom of Press. The video has been viewed over 7 million times.

DW Auctioning Off NFT Video to Support Freedom of Press

In the guise of a video, DeutscheWelle (DW), Germany’s most popular foreign broadcaster and independent media platform, has issued its first NFT. This isn’t simply an experiment to earn some quick cash off the NFT trend; it’s also an effort to promote journalistic freedom.

The revenues from the NFT auction, dubbed ‘PressFreedomX30,’ will go to Reporters Without Borders (RWB), a nonprofit organization that documents abuses of press freedom across the world and supports persecuted journalists. DW is committed to creating independent journalistic material in over 30 languages, allowing people all over the globe to develop their own judgments.

DW developed the NFT video, which has “press freedom” printed in 30 languages. Its goal is to promote public awareness of press freedom, which is under threat in many regions of the globe. According to RWB, 339 journalists are now imprisoned across the world, along with 100 bloggers, citizen journalists, and media professionals.

The auction will begin on Foundation on November 16 at 17:00 CET and terminate 24 hours after the first bid is placed. DW has indicated that it intends to publish more articles and research on the realm of NFTs in the future, and their first sale is an exciting event that they believe will offer them with insights into NFTs, similar to the first sale on eBay in 1995 or a test drive in the first Tesla vehicle in 2008.

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