Dvision Network is a project that creates its own Ethereum-based custom tokens and blockchain, using the DVS token as a backbone. With their recent integration of Bitski (BKX), one of the leading social cryptocurrency exchanges, they are ready to make waves in this emerging space with innovative projects like BitDance.

Dvision Network welcomes the Bitski to metaverse!

Bitski became a member of Dvision via the Polygon LAND Grant Program.


The Dvision Network is the ultimate NFT metaverse platform built on blockchain technology. By leveraging its own VR technology, the Dvision Network creates a cutting-edge metaverse environment that serves to decrease entry barriers for all sorts of people all over the world. As a result, it enables designers, businesses, and ordinary people to participate in the most sophisticated metaverse experience.

Greetings, community!

Bitski will be joining our metaverse as a key partner for our team, something we are really happy about. Bitski creates ownable digital content that links communities, producers, and companies. This is also one of the most straightforward reasons for why Web3 began to emerge. The current popular trend of metaverses has shown how appealing and in demand the new Web3 infrastructures are for socializing, producing, owning, selling, and earning in ways that cannot be done on Web2 type of social networking sites. While the notion of NFT has become a cornerstone for most Blockchain-based enterprises and markets, new methods for optimizing and adopting distributed ledger by non-technical people have become another milestone in the continuing developments. Bitski was one of the first to become the ultra-simple, no-code solution tool for individuals who don’t want to get bogged down in the jargon of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and NFTizing code, but still want to own their work and be able to sell, buy, and trade NFTs.

Because many users are unfamiliar with the process of generating Wallets for NFTs and NFTizing items, our team had to come up with a way for Dvision Network to make your metaverse experience with us easier. Users will be able to discover Bitski’s newly-opened store directly in the metaverse and interact with Bitski’s custodial wallet for not only trading NFTs but also creating them, thanks to the Bitski and Dvision Network integration in the metaverse. The wallet solution integration has begun, and a separate notification will be made once it is complete.

Bitski’s NFT wallets make it easy to produce NFTs with only a few clicks and start trading them on exchanges. Bitski has been allocated one of the most coveted Premium LAND NFTs in Meta-City, with the greatest location (Tokyo). Overall, our team is in charge of a certain number of LAND NFTs, which will be distributed to Dvision’s main partners that are eager to provide meaningful material to the Metaverse.

Dvision Network establishes its Meta-City in a 40/40/20 proportion, which means that each Meta-City LAND is divided into three main categories, with 40% of the LAND Lots dedicated to users who purchased LAND NFTs via the LAND Sale, 40% dedicated to Play-to-Earn rewards for users, and the remaining 20% dedicated to Dvision and its partners to bring the most cutting-edge and interesting content to the users.

To bring over its top partners, Dvision has launched a “Grant Program” with Polygon Studios to establish a place for Web 3.0 developer teams to produce games, NFTs, Web 3.0 goods, and a variety of unique content in Dvision’s Metaverse. Polygon Studios was one of the first companies to acquire land allocation from 20% of Management-Owned Land Lots for the creation of brand-specific content on Dvision Metaverse. In reality, leveraging Dvision’s LAND to produce value, rent, establish lucrative use cases, and construct a metaverse-based community is endless for the Bitski. We enthusiastically welcome new partners to our metaverse and pledge to work closely with them to improve the metaverse experience for both our and their users.

Here’s where you can learn more about Bitski:

What is a Bitski Wallet, exactly?

Bitski’s Platform is a platform created by Bitski.

“At Bitski, we’re on a mission to make the metaverse’s commerce layer accessible to everybody.” Which is simply a fancy way of stating “we’re excited about making it simple for everyone, regardless of blockchain expertise, to own, make, sell, or utilize digital items in the metaverse.” Bitski —