Dvision is the second largest DApp in China, and has been developing NFT world for a long time. Now with support from YellowHeart, they will be able to popularize their products on Metaverse! What are your thoughts on this?

The “yellowheart nft stock” is an NFT that was created by YellowHeart. The token is an ERC-20 token, and has a total supply of 10 million tokens. This project aims to popularize the use of NFTs in the Metaverse!

Dvision joins hands with YellowHeart to popularize NFT tickets in the Metaverse!


The Dvision Network is the ultimate NFT metaverse platform built on blockchain technology. By leveraging its own VR technology, the Dvision Network creates a cutting-edge metaverse environment that serves to decrease entry barriers for all sorts of people all over the world. As a result, it enables designers, businesses, and ordinary people to participate in the most sophisticated metaverse experience.

Greetings, community!

YellowHeart, an NFT live event ticketing and music platform powered by blockchain and designed specifically for the benefit of artists, teams, and their true fans, is our next strategic partner from the “Polygon LAND NFT Grant Program.” YellowHearts joins Dvision’s Metaverse to promote the use of NFTs for ticketing events such as virtual concerts, NFT galleries, and other events with admission prices. Dvision Network and YellowHeart’s collaboration provides an environment in the metaverse where any content producer may charge other users for tickets to join or participate in an event. Unlockable material is used by YellowHeart and is designed to be embedded into assets that are only viewable after an interaction, such as attending an event, selling, or giving NFTs.

What is the significance of metaverse ticketing?

Imagine you’re an artist or a creator of educational information who has opted to distribute your valued stuff as NFTs in the Metaverse. To sell tickets, pay intermediaries to sell tickets, have legal rights, and choose sales channels in the actual world, you’d need to do lengthy and difficult tasks. However, as we go into the Metaverse, we will be able to skip such red tape by just utilizing the YellowHeart mobile application for artists. The blockchain-based smartphone app acts as a digital wallet for event tickets and NFT artworks. The main advantage of using the NFT standard is the assurance that a user is purchasing a valid ticket, as well as giving artists the ability to specify restrictions for ticket resale without incurring extra fees from middlemen. YellowHeart’s ticketing system will be connected with Dvision Network Metaverse, allowing users to design unique tickets for meetings, concerts, conferences, and other important events.

LAND Grants from Polygon Partners

Dvision Network establishes its Meta-City in a 40/40/20 proportion, which means that each Meta-City LAND is divided into three main categories, with 40% of the LAND Lots dedicated to users who purchased LAND NFTs via the LAND Sale, 40% dedicated to Play-to-Earn rewards for users, and the remaining 20% dedicated to Dvision and its partners to bring the most cutting-edge and interesting content to the users.

To bring over its top partners, Dvision has launched a “Grant Program” with Polygon Studios to establish a place for Web 3.0 developer teams to produce games, NFTs, Web 3.0 goods, and a variety of unique content in Dvision’s Metaverse. Polygon Studios was one of the first companies to acquire land allocation from 20% of Management-Owned Land Lots for the creation of brand-specific content on Dvision Metaverse. In reality, the YellowHeart’s usage of Dvision’s LAND to produce value, rent, establish lucrative use cases, and construct a metaverse-based community is almost endless. We warmly welcome our newest partner to our metaverse and pledge to work closely with them to improve the metaverse experience for both our and their users.

YellowHeart has been allocated one of the most coveted Premium LAND NFTs in the yet-to-be-opened Meta-City, with the greatest location (Tokyo). Overall, our team is in charge of a certain number of LAND NFTs, which will be distributed to Dvision’s main partners that are eager to provide meaningful material to the Metaverse.

What is YellowHeart, exactly?

YellowHeart is a made-in-New York NFT live event ticketing and music blockchain platform driven by distributed ledger technology that was created especially for the benefit of artists, teams, and their true fans. YellowHeart’s objective is to put artists back in control of how their tickets are distributed and sold by eliminating scalping and unscrupulous actors in the ticketing industry. THIS WEBSITE WAS CREATED BY ARTISTS FOR FANS.

The “kings of leon yellowheart” is a pop star who has joined hands with the Dvision to popularize NFT tickets in the Metaverse. The two have collaborated on a song called “NFT Tickets.”

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