The NFL and DraftKings are partnering to create the first ever gamified collection of NFTs on a mainstream platform. The collaboration will allow users to build, trade, collect and win digital assets in real time with contests run by DraftKing’s leading experts.

The “draftkings news” is a partnership between DraftKings and the NFL to launch a gamified NFT collection. The collection will include digital assets that are tied to real-world events like touchdowns, player stats, and more.

DraftKings Partner with NFL To Launch Gamified NFT Collection

Draft Kings

DraftKings, a sports betting site, has announced a partnership with the NFL Players Association (NFLPA). During the 2022-2023 NFL season, a gamified NFT collection will be released on the DraftKings marketplace as part of the partnership.

The NFLPA and DraftKings partnered with the goal of fostering genuine ties between fans and their favorite teams. This, the team thinks, can be accomplished by increasing the DraftKings marketplace’s offers via gamified NFL player NFTs. NFTs that can be utilized in player-vs-player NFT-based games with fan-favorite players will be included in the future NFT collection. The Polygon network will also have access to the collection.

“The future of fandom is unfolding in front of us,” said Beth Beiriger, Senior Vice President of Product Operations at DraftKings marketplace. “Few organizations beyond DraftKings are as equipped to capitalize on the increasing intersection between sports and NFTs that will be cornerstones of engagement and entertainment within Web 3.0.”

This isn’t DraftKings’ first joint endeavor; in August, they launched their first Tom Brady NFC Collection. The collection was created in collaboration with Autograph, an NFT platform that Brady co-founded.

It’s also not the NFL’s first crypto endeavor; in November 2021, it announced a collaboration with Ticketmaster to further illustrate the league’s use of blockchain technology. Select game tickets were linked to NFT collections as a result of the relationship.

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