This new investment will support DOGAMÍ’s vision for building a decentralized publishing platform to provide easy access to native gaming content and tools.

DOGAMÍ Receives $500k Investment from the Tezos Foundation

DOGAM, a ground-breaking NFT pet simulation, has received a major $500k cash investment from the Tezos Foundation. As a result, the relationship between DOGAM and the network on which it runs is strengthened.

On the Tezos blockchain, DOGAM is the most popular mobile play-to-earn game. In addition to the extremely popular mass market mobile-focused video game, it has developed a highly profitable NFT collection as well as its own $DOGA governance token. Gamers may raise and train virtual companions using the game’s revolutionary augmented reality interface, paving the way for the ‘Petaverse,’ a whole DOGAM-themed virtual environment.

DOGAM has maintained tight relations with the Tezos blockchain throughout its ascension in the P2E ranks. As a consequence, they provide each other with a lot of encouragement as they back one other up in their endeavors. With the formal financial support, the relationship will grow even stronger as the lovely couple goes on a canine-themed adventure together.

@tezos, welcome to the pack! We yelled at the blockchain, and it yelled right back.

I’m grateful for @TezosFoundation’s investment in DOGAM.

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— March 29, 2022, Dogami (@Dogami)

This significant achievement for the DOGAM team ushers in the project’s next big phase, as it seeks to broaden its non-fungible frontiers even more. Tezos hopes to boost interest in the platform now that it has an ownership stake in its future, so fans may anticipate further announcements at any time.

Tezos Foundation is a one-of-a-kind investment platform on the Tezos Network that aims to fund innovative technology, applications, and Web3 innovation. Since a result, this most recent deployment of DOGAM’s resources signals a turning point for the organization, as its success has sparked new interest. Expect DOGAM to play a significant role in the Tezos ecosystem’s transition to the play-to-earn age in the future.