NFTs are on the rise, and while they’re still a novelty to many in the mainstream crypto community, blockchain projects have been embracing them for some time. One such project is DNNR, who announced their partnership with NFT NYC ahead of their June 30th drop.

The “nft news today” is a website that provides daily news about the NFT industry. They have been featured in New York City ahead of their June 30th drop.

29 June 2022, London 2022 NFT NYC took held from June 20 to June 23. DNNR was honored to be shown at Times Square. The biggest and most prestigious NFT conference in the world, NFT NYC has been dubbed the “Super Bowl of NFTs.” The yearly gathering is dedicated to providing the NFT community a voice and spreading awareness about NFTs.

More than 15,000 NFT artists and aficionados attended this year’s convention, which was hosted in Times Square. Just a few days remain till DNNR’s scheduled official NFT release on June 30.

Taking a Global Perspective, NFT Membership Club

A new company called DNNR wants to move the hotel industry toward a Web 3.0 mindset. It intends to do this by fusing the hospitality industry with the world of NFTs to establish the first membership club centered on eating and nightlife. Holders of the project’s private NFT membership club have access to upscale venues and activities.

The focus of DNNR is on practical usefulness. It all began in London, where it worked inside the thriving restaurant scene to provide the locals with access to both brand-new and well-established high-end locations.

The ultimate aim is to spread to other significant cities throughout the globe. People with similar interests may join the club and take advantage of events, meals, and parties that are exclusively available to club members. Additionally, they will get additional benefits like last-minute bookings, welcoming drinks, and opportunity to meet the chef at partner locations where they will receive VIP treatment.


The Membership Club Redefined

For its target Members, DNNR wants to reenergize and amp up the dining club culture. These are fun-loving individuals that share a love for innovation, technology, and lifestyle. At gatherings and private events, they will be able to interact with other Members who share their interests.

The first meetings will take place in person. However, as DNNR expands globally, they will hold events to bring together DNNR members from every continent.

This decision has advantages that go beyond only DNNR’s membership club. Affiliated companies benefit from staying current by drawing in a younger clientele. They also have the chance to establish a presence in the metaverse, a technology that is already influencing the future in several ways.

In this manner, DNNR partner venues have access to fresh income sources and marketing platforms.

DNNR Team Information

Ivana Salamone established DNNR. Ivana has a background in finance and a great enthusiasm for networking and event planning. While touring the globe and residing in places like London, Milan, Buenos Aires, and Los Angeles, she found her love for building communities.

Graceland, a painter and digital artist who designed the DNNR Membership cards and will build the Metaverse experience, is with Ivana. The remaining members of the DNNR team are specialists in different facets of luxury and hospitality.

They want to use blockchain technology and their extensive worldwide network of communities, brands, and venues to revolutionize the conventional luxury and hospitality experience. 

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