There is a huge market for games on blockchain right now with the release of CryptoKitties, and we’re about to see it grow exponentially as more people discover what this technology can do. The question is: What will be next? There are many options out there that have been discussed in the crypto space but some not so popular yet. One idea might surprise you- Play-to-Earn NFTs!

The “metaverse nft” is a new type of NFT that allows players to earn crypto by playing games. The metaverse nft is a game-based economy, which means that the more time you spend on the game, the more you earn.

On the Solana network, something lovely, pixelated, and technicolor is brewing. The Chainers, anarchic non-fungibles, will soon make their blockchain debut. They’ve brought with them a world of free-to-play browser-based gaming that’s meant for everyone.

Those brave enough to go down the rabbit hole will be rewarded with a vivid metaverse of NFT mini-games, NFT collectorship, and play-to-earn mayhem. All of this is backed up by a robust social component and a self-contained DAO-based development framework.

The Lowdown on Chainers NFTs

The Chainers’ fearsome domain will send 111,111 alien NFT avatars to planet Earth. The outcome of a daring escape from their own utopian nation, as they seek freedom from their beneficent and dictatorial dictatorship’s far-reaching authority. Upon arriving, creating a brand-new home beneath the Solana blockchain’s energy-efficient folds.

Each NFT in the collection will provide a plethora of benefits inside the Chainers ecosystem, as well as restricted access to a Chainers application that will be released in stages after the first NFT sale. As a consequence, holders will have early access to the game and participation rights in the first coin sale, as well as the ability to participate in project governance.

The NFT will also serve as a fully playable character in the project’s upcoming metaverse, where they may take part in a variety of exciting activities and win fantastic rewards. Owners may then enhance their in-game NFTs to become all-powerful demi-gods in the Chainers arena as a result of this healthy competition.

Chainers NFTs will be released in two stages on the blockchain. First and foremost, whitelist members will enjoy priority minting and a 50% discount. Then, whatever the early birds left behind will be distributed via a public auction. In both situations, the game starts with a blind drop, followed by the unveiling of designs and scarcity levels, all from a massive pool of 15 distinct races with well over 500 fantastic character attributes.

Those with a sharp eye may join the whitelist by participating in a series of tasks and activities posted on the project’s social media channels and on the official website.

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Chainers Benchmark Accessible Metaverse Gameplay

Magnificent Free-to-Play

Those with a more cautious and inquiring disposition may still engage in the grand scheme of things if the thought of blockchain-based activities seems a bit frightening. There is also a completely free-to-play option where the most accomplished members may test their mettle on the Chainers battlefield for a limited amount of rewards.

Exploring the Chainers NFT Play-to-Earn Metaverse

Chainers will push on with their own unique metaverse after the first NFT launch. Fans will discover a variety of fantastic mini-games, social interactions, and a vastly explorable ecology within. Furthermore, in the spirit of fairness, all metaverse interactions will take place in the browser and will not need the use of a linked wallet.

Players are given a ‘blank slate’ area inside the metaverse to grow in whatever manner they see appropriate from the start. As a result, users may create their own unique virtual environment utilizing the incredible set of tools available to them. The Chainers will earn additional incentives depending on the amount of visitors they get if they create and design a brand-new self-envisioned paradise for them to live in, which will also include the ability to rent out land parcels for creative types to develop their own small experiences.

The Journey Ahead

The specialized Chainers team is currently preparing for the first NFT launch. Following that, it will allow NFT holders to vote on the platform’s destiny through the DAO governance structure. Following that, it will introduce the first version of the metaverse to the fold by releasing five fully playable mini games, as well as announcing its first collaboration with an existing NFT collection.

What happens next will be decided by the Chainers DAO when they vote on the project’s future course. Then, if they decide to unleash a herd of genetically modified T-Rex during the Super Bowl, so be it; the gods have spoken.

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The “metaverse play-to-earn” is a decentralized virtual reality game that allows players to earn NFTs by playing the game. This article will explain how the metaverse works and what it means for you as a developer.

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