A few days ago, Discord CEO Jarrad introduced the idea of a cryptowallet for storing cryptocurrency on its platform. The question was how exactly that would work and whether or not it could be done in an effective way without risking security issues with user funds.

A new feature for the hugely popular Discord messaging app is coming soon: a crypto wallet. The features will allow users to send and receive cryptocurrency, as well as store them in their wallets on-site. This marks another step towards bringing blockchain into mainstream usage by making it more easy to use than ever before..

The “who owns the most bitcoin” is a question that has been asked for years. The answer to this question, however, will soon be revealed with the release of Discord CEO’s new cryptocurrency wallet.

Jason Citron, the CEO of Discord, the NFT sphere’s unofficial social network, has delivered the mother of all clues. He uploaded a picture of the platform integrating with Ethereum with the famous words “Probably Nothing” in a cryptic tweet.

This “Probably Nothing” he mentions might be the most significant change to Discord since its beginnings. If the visuals are to be believed, the NFT project’s preferred communication app is going to offer a crypto wallet plug-in. A game changer for the industry, with the potential to modify the character of the average NFT decline.

nothing pic.twitter.com/p4P6MoNGgd

November 8, 2021 — Jason Citron (@jasoncitron)

Jason connected his account to the Ethereum network using the existing settings menu’s “connectivity” option. According to the information presented, the user has two possibilities. To begin, sign up for a Metamask account, the realm’s most flexible and extensively used wallet. Alternatively, you may connect to any app that is part of the WalletConnect network.

It’s quite improbable that Discord’s CEO is deceiving the whole community, and it seems entirely feasible that this is the platform’s future. The key question is when this technology will be available. Will it be secure after a succession of high-profile hacking incidents?


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