The Playboy brand’s first foray into virtual worlds is a beautifully crafted sandbox in Second Life, but it has also introduced players to traditional forms of currency. Will new NFTs like this one help transform the staid adult entertainment industry?

A variety of bunny-themed goodies and interactive fun will be available when Playboy, a discerning gentleman’s “art and lifestyle” periodical, recreates its fabled home within The Sandbox.

The provider of tasteful pictures has obtained its own LAND in the metaverse via its innovative relationship with the virtual world, where it aims to build a large Playboy MetaMansion to house its expanding NFT community. It will provide a virtual setting where others with similar interests may engage and discuss their favorite tales from the venerable journal.

Fans will find a wealth of activities within its impressive doors, including a variety of unique games and access to its enormous collection of creative photographs, all inspired by the Playboy’s rich 70-year history. Additionally, they will have the option to engage with the media empire in previously unthinkable ways.

Any bunnies at home? 🐰👀🏘 We’re working along with @playboy, of course! 👯‍♀️

Together, we will be creating a Playboy MetaMansion social game inside #TheSandbox with #NFT collectibles & special experiences for the Rabbitar @PlayboyNFTs community!

July 11, 2022 — The Sandbox (@TheSandboxGame)

Owners of Playboy’s very own NFT collection will have exclusive gated access to this brand-new Metamansion. As a consequence, the much-loved Rabbitars will finally have a place to play freely and recklessly in this exciting new site.

As a result, the community that surrounds the world of gentlemen’s literature develops together with it, offering a cutting-edge medium through which to appreciate its magnificent goods.

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