DigitalAX is a decentralized peer to peer marketplace where orders are matched up with other users instead of an exchange. The platform will use the Rarible Protocol and contribute to their liquidity pool, which they plan on using as payment for fees.

DIGITALAX Receives $100K Grant from Rarible Protocol to Build Shared Orderbook + Liquidity for the…

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We are overjoyed to report that the grant request on Rarible DAO was approved this week, providing DIGITALAX $100K to expand the Web3 Fashion Economy’s shared orderbook and liquidity.

This will greatly increase the reach and active user base of both the DIGITALAX and Rarible Protocol ecosystem markets, as well as need a large restructuring effort on our metaverse developers’ part.

Through shared order books, aggregated NFT discovery, and composable liquidity, interoperable decentralized markets empower independent web3 producers. The 10,000x scale up of decentralised manufacturing, web3 fashion, and the open metaverse will be addressed by this sophisticated engineering project.

Polygon and, ultimately, Ethereum will be used to build up the infrastructure.

Given that this proposal was only accessible for voting by the core Rarible DAO grant stewards, DIGITALAX is submitting a companion proposal on our own $MONA governance forum to emphasize the need of active governance engagement and coordinated content creation around crucial subjects.

The collectively agreed-upon deliverables are not just restricted to engineering, but also include education and community development. The introduction of the DIGITALAX X Rarible Web3 Fashion Realm under our Patrons architecture is one of these deliverables.

This will include the creation of extensive documentation for all new engineering developed within open source repositories, as well as the emergence of a dedicated community and set of stewards to help maintain and sustain much-needed infrastructure advancements, iteration, and innovation for the web3 fashion and modeling economy.

As milestones and deadlines progress, this proposal will be posted on the DIGITALAX forum at a later point in the engineering build out.

More information will be given shortly, and the first realm markets are scheduled to launch in the next week or two, pending Rarible’s future moves!

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