What does the D:VERSE project entail?
D:VERSE is a platform that allows NFTs to be easily created and traded, with no coding required. Through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, developers can create items or experiences without any programming experience. Game designers can also use this tool to design their own games in seconds while still retaining full ownership of their creations.

NFTs Crypto announced their entry into the world of cryptocurrency through their D:VERSE project. The new project will allow users to trade and invest in digital assets.

Diesel Announce NFT Entry Through D:VERSE Project

Luxury fashion houses have started experimenting with blockchain technology in recent months, whether via the curating of NFT collections or full-fledged metaverse platforms. Diesel, the Italian fashion behemoth, is putting its toes into the metaverse with the introduction of a project dubbed ‘D:VERSE,’ in order to maintain the phenomenon’s popularity. 

D:VERSE is inspired by the brand’s fall and winter 2022 collection and consists of a mix of fashion item NFTs and their physical equivalents. The collection comprises four distinct kinds of NFTs, each of which provides access to the Diesel NFT community as well as a variety of additional benefits.

The D:VERSE-KEY NFT will include a digital artwork NFT, giving its owner priority whitelist slots in future launches, and allow access to future NFT pre-sales. A digital artwork NFT, a pair of wearable shoes for metaverse avatars, and a limited edition pair of actual Diesel sneakers will be included with the D:PROTOTYPE-CR NFT (in a colour way chosen by Diesel NFT owners).

A wearable puffer jacket for metaverse avatars, a real W-Ralle Puffer Jacket, and an invitation to the upcoming Diesel fashion show will all be included in the D:PUFFER NFT. The D:FUR NFT will include a wearable Fur NFT for metaverse avatars, an actual denim fur coat (shown at Milan Fashion Week), and a VIP invitation to the upcoming Diesel fashion show (including an all-access pass with front row seats).

On March 12th, the project will launch on Rarible, with NFTs available for purchase in both conventional currency and crypto. A tutorial on how to set up an e-wallet will also be provided by Diesel.

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