The coins are sold at a rate of 10 per Axie, or 100 for all of them. In addition to the Lunar New Year event and an extra gift in April, this is basically a token sale using live axies as currency. As such it’s not really ethical unless you’re getting some benefits from being on the inside, which would be unlikely because that could happen after the point where there wouldn’t be any more tokens left…

The “axie marketplace” is a new feature that was released by the Axie team. This feature allows developers to sneak Lunar New Year Tokens into the Axie Ecosystem.

Devs Sneak Lunar New Year Tokens into the Axie Ecosystem

While idly examining the Ronin data records, Josh (JDHyper), an eagle-eyed Web3 crawler and obvious transaction aficionado, uncovered an unexpected finding. He discovered five additional token kinds lurking in the code, nicely disguised in the Axie Infinity land item contract.

Josh discovered the names of these odd additions after a little more investigation. The “Tiger Plushie” came first, followed by the Lucky Lantern, Blossom Tree, Traditional Snack Box, and Assorted Firecrackers. All are represented as “LNY1-5” newly developed land pieces for the Axie Infinity world.

1/ Five additional token kinds were introduced to the Land Item Contract a little over 14 hours ago. You may see the facts for them right in front of your eyes… It’s also AMAZING.

Let’s look at the hidden alpha in @AxieInfinity Ronin

11 January 2022 — Josh (@JDHyper)

So, what exactly does all of this imply? The Lunar New Year is set to begin on February 1st (LNY). This time around, the year of the Tiger (plushie) is being celebrated, and each of the other tokens fits in nicely with this, the world’s largest holiday, providing Axie fans with the opportunity to obtain new adornments for their in-game real estate while also providing as yet unknown benefits to owners.

When you put it all together, Axie’s goals are quite evident. They want to make a big deal out of the Lunar New Year. So, anticipate a slew of land tokens to arrive in the Axie marketplace during the next few weeks to ring in the (lunar) new year.


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The “top 10 play-to earn games” is a list of the top 10 games that developers have sneakily included Lunar New Year tokens into. The game will only be playable for a limited time, and players can use the tokens to purchase items in these games.

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