Earn a share of the Hash Rush coin and use it in-game to design your very own hero. With over 100,000 pre-mined characters available, you can create your dream character and enter them into tournament battles with other players all around the world! You’ll be competing against amazing AI opponents for prizes like pets and top of the line gaming equipment so start designing today!.

The “nft collectibles” is a type of crypto collectible that can be designed by the user. The “Hash Rush Competition” has a design competition where you can design your own hero NFT.

Design Your Own Hero NFT in the Hash Rush Competition

Hash Rush, a real-time strategy game, is hosting a first-of-its-kind competition in which winners may have their unique Hero design included in the Hermeian Galaxy, Hash Rush’s in-game universe. The winner of the ‘Design Hash Rush’ competition will also have the option to earn money as part of a revenue sharing contract for any sales generated by their Hero.

The competition’s design round began on December 17th and will finish on January 3rd. The voting phase will begin on January 3rd and finish on January 10th, followed by the development phase. Once the development process is over, the winning Hero will be available for purchase.

Everyone is welcome to attend the design event. To be eligible, the Hero must be of Ernack descent and a member of an infantry or mounted regiment. The hero’s position as a Tank, Damage Dealer, or Supporter must also be specified (with other types able to be considered, but the designer needs to define the role, and justify why it is not one of the 3 above). Finally, the designer must specify the weapon their Hero employs (e.g., bow and arrow, sword, crossbow, etc.) as well as offer some literature that elucidates their Hero’s past.

There will be one grand prize winner, who will be decided by a public vote in the community. The winning design will be utilized to produce an in-game Hero that will be sold on the Vorto Network. There will be 2,500 NFTs of the Hero manufactured, five of which will be given away for free and the rest will be sold for $25 apiece on the Vorto Network. After completely surrendering ownership of the design to VZ Games, the winning designer will get a 30% income share of all Hero sales.

Second and third place finishers will get runner-up awards, which will allow them to choose one of three Founder Bundle Heroes.

Here’s where you may submit your entry:

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