There is a new trend emerging in the cryptocurrency world that some have called “DeFi Land.” Sometimes referred to as Single Sided Staking, DeFi land refers to systems and platforms for dapps where you own your assets but don’t necessarily hold any tokens. DFL brings high level of security at low cost.

DeFi Land (DFL) is a new token that has been created to provide users with a way to trade crypto assets and earn rewards. The DFL token will be used as the currency for the platform, but it also provides users with an opportunity to participate in a single-sided staking system.

DeFi Land (DFL) Single Sided Staking


Teaser for DFL Bank


  • Single-sided staking will be available in DeFi Land on February 24th at 5 p.m. UTC. You may use your DFL to get instant DFL prizes by staking it in your community.
  • The staking user interface was created in-game and includes all of DeFi Land’s aesthetic attractiveness! We created a user-friendly interface for creating and maintaining your holdings, as well as a stunning first-person staking vault.
  • Users will also be able to stake DFL straight from the website in order to maintain and access their accounts more conveniently.
  • You have the option of choosing between flexible and locked staking. You may withdraw your stake at any time using the flexible option. The locked option offers a greater APY in exchange for locking your tokens for a defined length of time.
  • The amount of tokens you stake and your weight in the pool determine your portion of the prizes. The length of time you lock your tokens determines your weight.
  • Every second, rewards are created, but you won’t be able to obtain them for another 7 days after locking it and making your final claim.
  • Long-term investors are eligible for extra benefits, such as free NFTs and early access to new features.

We’re in the midst of an exciting expansion period, and our team is continually producing new features that will determine DeFi Land’s future. We just finished our Genesis NFT launch, which included a sneak peek at the Play-To-Earn capabilities that will be available to anybody who has at least one core NFT. We showed the $DFL token’s initial use-case, as well as the first in-game collectibles and utility NFTs, as well as the measures we’re taking to improve our addictive gaming experience. We’ve burnt almost 2,000,000 $DFL coins in only three days.

Today, we have the pleasure of presenting Single-Sided Staking, an essential feature that will reward our community while also providing another compelling use-case for the $DFL token. This much-anticipated feature allows DeFi Landers to contribute to the project while earning a nice APY on their $DFL holdings. The staking platform was created in DeFi Land and is much more than a typical staking platform. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve created!

What is DeFi Land Staking, and how does it work?

In the realm of DeFi, the term “staking” may refer to a variety of things. Staking in DeFi Land entails locking your tokens for a set or flexible period of time in exchange for a return. You may collect yield while having the ability to withdraw your tokens anytime you want thanks to a flexible staking mechanism. By committing to a defined period of time during which you will be unable to withdraw your tokens, a locked staking protocol enables you to profit from greater returns. In both circumstances, you’re staking your tokens in exchange for a $DFL payout that you may cash out.

We at DeFi Land are driven to provide the greatest DeFi experience for both new and seasoned crypto users. Staking will be accessible not just via our game beta, but also through a dedicated website.


User interface for DFL’s single-sided staking webpage

Our staking experience was designed to be both pleasant and educational. You can quickly monitor APY, look at staking pool statistics, and start new positions. And it’s all wrapped up in a user interface (UI) that encapsulates DeFi Land’s spirit. When you first start the game, you’ll see that your hamlet now has a bank. The simple and user-friendly staking UI is shown by clicking on the bank:



User Interface for DFL Staking

You can see in the images above that you have the option of choosing between flexible and locked staking. This enables us to reward members of the community who keep their tokens locked for a longer length of time, comparable to how a 30-year bond pays greater annual yields than a 10-year bond. The following is our staking procedure:

  • Staking payouts will begin at 5$DFL per second fixed emissions. These bonuses will be allocated depending on your staking pool weight. The Treasury does not intend to maintain this set rate of emissions over time.
  • The weight of a flexible staker is 1, which means that your return is proportionate to the number of staked tokens.


Formula for calculating DFL staking weight

  • The length of time you lock your tokens raises your weight as a locked staker. Stakers may pick from a range of time frames ranging from 1 to 104 weeks (2 years), depending on their interests. Stakers who lock their tokens for the maximum time limit permitted will get the most weight. We used the basic linear function f(x)=1+x/52 to determine the weight. We were planning on using a combination of logarithmic and exponential functions, but we opted to keep things simple for our gamers.
  • Both locked and flexible stakers get immediate staking benefits. Stakers will be able to manually compound their yields more easily as a result of this. Auto-compounding is a feature we want to provide in the near future.
  • The rate of emission may increase or decrease in the future. Our Treasury does not intend to sustain this set rate of emissions throughout time. Emissions will eventually be replaced by in-game mechanisms and market fees, culminating in a sustainable cycle of token distribution to our stakers.

Are there any other perks?

As we work toward a Play-To-Earn future, it only makes sense for us to provide our stakeholders with the tools they need to succeed in the game. Our long-term stakers will get free NFT prizes and be first in line for additional big releases, in addition to the yields paid out via staking (land sales, in-game resources, access to new features, and NFT drops). We consider our stakeholders to be valuable members of our community and important contributors to the development of a fantastic game.

What’s in the Vault, exactly?

You may recall that a hidden location outside the village led to a sneak peek of our first-person mode. Our team created a stunning first-person staking vault where you can follow your yields to complement the existing snappy staking UI. The vault has a cinematic air about it, as if you’re in a James Bond movie. A display of your $DFL staking position, with your rewards ticking up in real-time, sits in the middle of the room. Users who appreciate caring to their yield farms will be delighted to see their staking rewards rise in the vault. This entertaining update will be available shortly, and it will highlight the stunning visuals that will be utilized in our Adventure Mode beginning in Q2 of this year. For the time being, here’s a sneak peek into The Staking Vault:


You may verify your staking rewards in the Staking Vault, which is a first-person experience.

This project has a long-term horizon for us as we work toward our long-term goal of gamifying everything in the DeFi sector. Staking allows DeFi Landers who share our goal to join us on our journey ahead.

We have a friendly Discord group where you may join our Weekly Farmers Townhalls every Friday at 3 p.m. UTC. If you have any questions or are interested in being a DeFi Lander, please join us.

There will be a variety of freebies, so be sure to join our communities and become a part of our family!

The “defi land whitelist” is a new DFL token that allows for single-sided staking. The token can be used to stake the DeFi Land (DFL) network, which is currently in alpha testing.

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