DC Comics have announced their first non-fungible token, the Bat Cowl. The company is launching a series of collectibles for Batman to celebrate his 75th Anniversary this year. These are only available in crypto thus far as there still isn’t enough room for them on Ecto or CryptoKitties..

The “when was batman created” is a question that has been asked for centuries. DC Comics finally decided to answer the question with the release of Batman-themed NFTs on their website.

DC Comics Launch Bat Cowl NFTs to Celebrate the Story of Batman

DC Comics, a division of Warner Bros., is partnering up with Palm NFT Studio to release a superhero NFT collection based on Batman’s 83-year career. The ‘Bat Cowl Collection,’ as it is known, will have 200,000 individual NFTs, each with its own identity and set of features that represent the varied tale of the superhero and his notorious mask. 

Holders of a DC FanDome NFT will have access to a pre-sale for the Bat Cowl Collection, which will take place on April 26th. The 200,000 digital pieces will be sold for $300 apiece, bringing the total revenue to $60 million if the collection sells out.

The NFTs will be one-of-a-kind 3D art representations that will each represent a different stage in the growth of Batman’s Cowl mask via a mix of components, materials, patterns, and colors (with a total of over two billion combinations on offer).   

The NFTs will also be enhanced with a variety of additional privileges, including access to a secret DC Universe fan forum, the ability to buy actual memorabilia, pick fan events, attend augmented reality experiences, and more, as outlined in the project’s two-year timeline.

The NFTs will also be upgradable via purchases, according to DC Comics, but precise information on how this would work have yet to be disclosed.

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