The first month of the year saw a record-breaking $1.7 billion in sales, with Ethereum becoming the clear market leader and NFTs continuing to drive demand for blockchain gaming assets. In January, DappRadar says that there were 2 million unique users playing games on EOS within two days of its launch (4/28).

The “2021 dapp industry report” was released on January 16, 2022. It showed that NFT sales for the month of January were record-breaking.

DappRadar Report Record-Breaking NFT Sales for January 2022

The January 2022 Dapp Industry Analysis, the most current issue of DappRadar’s monthly industry report, revealed astounding sales records for NFTs. The study series, which is a flagship product of the largest decentralized apps store, examines all aspects of the blockchain industry’s performance.

According to the most recent data, NFTs were rife in January 2022, breaking records once again with a total of $16 billion in transactions. In terms of utilization, blockchain games maintained their dominance, accounting for more than half of all active wallets engaging with dApps.

LooksRare, a new NFT marketplace, accounted for $10.7 billion of total NFT transaction volume in January, with OpenSea accounting for $4.7 million of the remaining $5.3 billion. Despite these great figures, trading patterns on LooksRare revealed that sale volumes were artificially exaggerated as a result of the platform’s $LOOKS token incentive scheme, which incentivizes transactions. This can be seen in the data, as just 35,000 traders transacted on LooksRare, resulting in 33,750 sales, while OpenSea saw over half a million merchants, resulting in 4.7 million transactions.

Despite a two-month crypto’slump’ in November, during which Ethereum’s price dropped by a massive 50%, the category of NFTs remained reasonably steady, with the USD floor price market value for the top 100 collections, which is believed to be worth a phenomenal $14.8 billion, only decreasing by 15%. Not bad for a digital token that is easily inspected.

In January, 52 percent of the almost 2.5 million wallets linked to dApps participated in the fascinating new environment of blockchain gaming. The strong retentive characteristics attained in major dApps games like Splinterlands, Farmers World, Axie Infinity, and Upland are a significant reason for games keeping their player communities.

Despite the negative crypto market, the blockchain ecosystem as a whole, and with blockchain games playing a supportive role, only experienced a 2% decline in usage compared to December’s data.

DappRadar’s other reports series, which include the monthly Blockchain Gaming Report, Dapp User Behaviour and Whale Analysis reports, as well as the bi-weekly New Apps Reports, are for those who wish to look further into the numbers and statistics of dApps.  

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The “dapp industry report q2 2021” is a new report that has been released by DappRadar. The report states that there were record-breaking sales for NFTs in January of 2022.

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