The second edition of DappRadar’s exclusive NFT Collectibles Report is out, and the crypto collectible market continues to balloon. This report provides a deep dive into all the current successful projects in this space, who they are collaborating with, their use case(s), a brief description of what makes them unique and how popular they have become over time.

The “what is an nft collection” is a term that refers to the digital assets of a decentralized application. DappRadar has released their second edition of an exclusive report on NFT collectibles.

DappRadar Releases Second Edition of Exclusive NFT Collectibles Report

The second issue of DappRadar’s ‘The New Dapps Report’ January 2022 series has been launched. The paper examines the most recent statistics and data for the top three NFT collectibles on the market. Project Oxya Origin, PhantaBear, and Flyfishing Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to, all of which have been topping OpenSea ranks, are featured in the latest issue. Price analysis, sales activity, Unique Holders Ratio, and Whale Concentration Index are among the variables included in the research.


PhantaBear, a collection of 10,000 bear NFT avatars produced by Chinese manufacturing business Ezek Group and the PHANTACi fashion brand by Chinese celebrity Jay Chou, is the first project examined in the research. PhantaBear has been a huge popularity among NFT and fashion aficionados, particularly in China, since its inception on January 1st. The project has already witnessed over $82,483,438 in trade volume, making it the ninth highest in the previous 30 days.

With planned celebrity relationships, amazing virtual concerts, actual incentives, VIP events, and other fascinating utilities, PhantaBear has a bright path for the year ahead. The original minting price was merely 0.26 ETH, according to DappRadar, while the current floor price is a whooping 2.38 ETH! The study also includes social awareness and engagement analytics for multiple platforms, a team overview, a technical overview, and a whale wallet analysis, among other useful information.


Project Oxya Origin

The second project in the report is Project Oxya Origin (OOP), which consists of top-notch 3D avatars, crafted to the standards of the entertainment industry. These NFT avatars will form the basis of a whole upcoming gaming experience, and were designed by some of the most elite 3D artists in the space, some of whom have worked with Netflix and Ubisoft.

The collection made almost $35 million in the first week of its release, even before the art was shown! The plan contains lofty ambitions like as the release of the first gaming components, monthly missions, a property auction, the launch of a full marketplace, and much more for OOP in the next year. The biggest sale at the time of the report’s publishing was a Legendary Oxian NFT for 30 ETH.


Flyfishing Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to

A special collection created by some of the biggest names in business and hospitality, Gary Vaynerchuk, David Rodolitz, Josh Capon, and Conor Hanlon. Flyfishing Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to differentiates itself from other NFT projects not only because of its creators, but also because it offers a grand dining experience its holders. Holders of an NFT will get to taste some of the best seafood in New York, with a promise that the fist restaurant will be built in New York between Q1 and Q2 of 2022. Let’s see how this plays out, definitely an interesting concept.

Depending on what type of NFT you own, other utilities include special restaurant privileges, cooking demonstrations by Chef Josh Capon, private Omakase tasting, wine tasting with Gary Vee, and private pop-up events. Although Flyfishing Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to launched in December, it only started gaining more traction in early January, and at the time of DappRadar’s analysis, it ranked as the 49th most traded collection in the last seven days.


DappRadar’s Complete Report

DappRadar is the go-to place for the latest metrics and statistics in the crypto and NFT market. Make sure to read the whole New Dapps Report, which includes a complete examination of the NFT collections mentioned above. We anticipate to see a lot of surprising patterns and sales this year, with the NFT market garnering more attention and new significant players entering the game.

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The “nft rankings” is a report that analyzes the top NFTs on DappRadar. The second edition of this report was released today.

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