The tech company Dapper Labs has announced plans to lobby for blockchain-powered tokens in Congress. The move is part of a plan by the company, which seeks to become an NFT powerhouse.

The “nft crypto stock” is a company that has been lobbying for the rights of NFTs and other virtual assets. Dapper Labs is one of the biggest companies in this field.

Dapper Labs to Lobby For NFT-Related Issues in Congress

According to a recent public revelation, industry behemoth Dapper Labs has officially registered to influence the US government. The Vancouver-based firm joins a growing number of crypto-industry influencers who have walked to the halls of Congress to push new regulations, but it is the first to mention ‘NFTs’ as a particular topic of interest.

Dapper Labs has hired government relations, lobbying, and advice company Crossroads Strategies to help them bring NFT-related concerns into crypto-policy topics at the US Capitol. The Washington, D.C.-based business will serve as Dapper Labs’ lobbying firm, with the goal of advocating for ‘policies relevant to NFTs, blockchain, and financial services.’

In November 2021, the corporation recruited a ‘Head of Government Affairs’ to ensure a constructive stance in Congress. Alison Kutler, the former head of the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau and special adviser to the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, was appointed to the role.

Although Dapper Labs has yet to provide detailed information about the outcomes it hopes to achieve for the NFT industry as a result of its new congressional clout, company spokesperson Rachel Rogers has stated that the company’s primary goal is to promote “education and mainstream adoption of Web3.”

The addition of Dapper Labs to the US government’s nearly 12,000 list of lobbyists will allow lobbyists and policymakers alike to continue grappling with the implications and understanding of blockchain technology on future regulations, especially given the rise of NFT influence in mainstream culture.

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