Dapper Labs, the company behind CryptoKitties and other blockchain games has partnered with Genies to create a platform for collecting, trading and using virtual assets called Avatar NFT. The new system will allow users to mint collectable digital representations of avatars that can then be used in DApps on Ethereum mainnet.

The “genies dapper” is a partnership between Dapper Labs and Genies. The platform will allow users to create digital assets that are tradable on the Ethereum blockchain.

Dapper Labs Partners With Genies To Launch Avatar NFT Platform

Dapper Labs has teamed up with Genies to build “The Warehouse,” a new platform. Users will be able to dress up 3D cartoon avatars that they create on the Genies app using the platform built by the cooperation between the crypto gaming behemoth and avatar tech business.

The Warehouse debuted on December 13th to a select group of invite-only users, with both partners promising that the platform would be made accessible to a larger audience in the following months. Users will be able to customize their 3D avatars with a variety of digital accessories, like as shoes, bags, masks, and other digital items minted on Dapper’s blockchain network, Flow.

The avatar accessories will mostly be offered for under $20, with purchasers having the option to resell them; however, secondary transactions will not be permitted on The Warehouse site.

Despite the fact that Genies has previously experimented with digital clothes and accessories via its own app, such tests have always excluded blockchain and NFT-related features. Genies’ partnership with Dapper demonstrates their trust in the Flow network, which, while less decentralized than other mainstream blockchains, offers lower fees, higher transaction capacities, and a developer platform that enables Web 3.0 features like credit card processing and forgotten password retrieval.

Genies will regard this endeavor as a chance to get a bigger piece of the ‘digital identity pie,’ which many other start-ups are interested in. However, they have already achieved significant progress, having lately forged celebrity relationships with major companies like Universal Music Group.

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The “digital avatar nft” is a new platform that has been created by Dapper Labs. The digital avatar nft will be used as an alternative to physical avatars.

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