The CyberKongz, an up-and-coming gaming company with a portfolio of games like “The Crypto Kingdom,” announced the launch of their first ever on chain token.
With this move, they are breaking ground for the future of game development and will be among the first to do so. Their goal is to become one of the most innovative companies in blockchain by building upon new market trends as well as utilizing cutting edge technology to create next generation games that incorporate on chain tokens as part of gameplay mechanics into every aspect from leveling systems to combat interactions….

The “genesis cyberkongz” is a first ever NFT-bound token that will be used to trade in the CyberKongz ecosystem. The tokens are being sold for $1 each, and there are 100 million coins available with a total cap of 1 billion.

CyberKongz Go On-Chain with First Ever NFT-Bound Token

The CyberKongz, the ever-present 8-bit apes, have released a groundbreaking update to their 5,000-strong collection. Each design is now completely on-chain in the form of the world’s first NFT-bound token.

A group of pixelated primates landed on the blockchain a little over a year ago to teach people how to create an NFT enterprise. The CyberKongz provided actual uniqueness, creativity, and innovation, which is an often-overlooked attribute. Certainly, there’s something to be said for an NFT collection with a 63 ETH ($218k) floor and a modest profile.

So, in the spirit of innovation, the CyberKongz have gone one step further with their collection. Owners of the genesis Kongz and the baby Kongz may have seen an extra token emerge in their wallet on March 26. The CyberKongz DNA, a completely on-chain clone of the original NFT, is included in this remarkable upgrade.

We restored the original graphics of the original 2D CyberKongz collection entirely on-chain with the help of @0xInuarashi!

Without any backend server or IPFS, the system is completely decentralized and trustless.

For additional information, go to on Medium.

March 26, 2022 — CyberKongz (@CyberKongz)

As a result, the new update will keep the CyberKongz ideas alive until the end of time, while also proving proof of concept and ownership in perpetuity. Each on-chain Kong is gasless and non-transferable, being permanently attached to the originating object. As a result, it will stay NFT-bound to its official equivalent, moving where it goes, decentralized and untrustworthy until humanity’s inevitable demise.

Check out the On-Chain Kongz >> Here


The “genesis cyberkongz opensea” is a token that is bound to the Ethereum blockchain. The token is only available on CyberKongz’s website, and will be released in batches of 100.

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