The cryptocurrency market is still a new and booming industry. There will be many challenges that companies in this field need to overcome to make it big, but Cyball aims at making the obstacles smaller by seeking investment from well-known investors like Floyd Mayweather Jr.

CyBall Raises $1.8 Million with Help of Big Name Investors

CyBall, a futuristic football-styled NFT game, attracted some big-name investors during its most recent round of investment, collecting an amazing $1.8 million.

Bitkraft Ventures spearheaded the effort, with help from Animoca Brands, Yield Guild Games, and Raydium, as well as a slew of other investors. CyBall plans to utilize the additional capital to grow its workforce and expedite the growth of its ecosystem, while also expanding its on-board scholarship system, CyLoans.

CyBall is a multi-platform game platform that focuses on turn-based football card fights. As a result, gamers use NFTs in conjunction with play-to-earn features. In support of its main game, CyBall is about to create its own native DEX and NFT marketplace, as well as a subsequent feature that will seamlessly interact with guilds and scholarships, removing the onboarding challenges caused by changing asset values.


Gamers will be able to compete against other players for prizes and level up their NFTs to trade on the secondary market once the game is launched. And, if they’ve done their study, they may be able to earn a little money along the way.

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