Cryptovoxels and Offsetra have partnered to make the game carbon neutral, using CO2 emissions generated by their gamers in order for them to offset carbon dioxide. In doing so, they are trying to show how blockchain can be used as a tool not just for investment but also as an environmental one.

Cryptovoxels is a blockchain-based game that allows players to create and trade virtual land. The company partnered with Offsetra, a carbon neutral trading platform.

Cryptovoxels Goes Carbon Neutral with Offsetra Partnership

Cryptovoxels, the mighty metaverse, has proudly proclaimed an ongoing vow to combat climate change. As a result, the virtual world built on blockchain has so far offset 1,528 tons of carbon dioxide.

Cryptovoxels worked with environmentalists Offsetra to guarantee that its eco-friendly credentials were up to par. With their assistance, the prestigious metaverse has mitigated the negative effects of the blockchain that runs it, resulting in a carbon-neutral network that users can trust.

Cryptovoxels has supported a variety of climate-saving projects via Offsetra, including forestry projects in Brazil and Belize, as well as wind turbines in Honduras. It has calculated the amount of energy needed to operate the platform and taken the appropriate steps to mitigate the platform’s impact on the physical environment.

Cryptovoxels has helped to remove 1,528 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere thus far. In terms of traveling 3,820,000 miles, that’s the equivalent of 134,982 Ethereum transactions (6 million Km). Alternatively, consuming 382,000 cheeseburgers.

Offsetra is a corporation that enables individuals who participate in energy-intensive activities to mitigate the environmental harm they do by investing in worthy enterprises such as renewable energy and forest management. In other words, supporting initiatives that have a good influence on the environment.

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Cryptovoxels is a new type of crypto that uses carbon neutral materials. It has partnered with Offsetra to make sure it goes carbon neutral. Reference: how to invest in cryptovoxels.

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