Cryptovoxels is a platform on the blockchain that allows users to create and trade virtual goods. The company was founded by a team with experience in trading card games, online gaming, and traditional MMOs. They
have created an economy of scarcity where players are motivated to provide input into game development through feedback mechanisms like votes or market mechanics for good content

Cryptovoxels is a blockchain-based game that has recently released Scarcity Island. This game has been in development for over 2 years and the team behind it have managed to create scarcity economics with their own hands.

Cryptovoxels Blazes a Trail with Scarcity Island Governance

Scarcity Island, Cryptovoxels’ microcosmic government project, is ready to put its voting system to the test. As a consequence, the astute metaverse is soliciting ideas for how to spruce up the region’s unused land.

To submit a suggestion, just reply to the associated tweet with your thoughts, or be creative and flesh out the envisaged design and save it as an item in the asset library with the title “scarcity proposal.” Although anybody may submit a concept, only scarce landowners have the ability to vote on it. Participants must submit their imaginative ideas by February 20, with voting taking place from February 20 to February 28. So, if you’re serious about having a 200-meter-tall Godzilla monument in the midst of Scarcity Island, get to work.

#ScarcityIsland: 1st Proposals & Vote

What should we do with the unopened packages?

Make a suggestion in the comments, or create something and upload it to the Asset Library with the caption “Scarcity Proposal.”

Anyone may comment or create, but only Scarcity residents have the ability to vote!

3 February 2022 — Cryptovoxels (@cryptovoxels)

Scarcity Island is Cryptovoxels’ epic foray into full-fledged government, in which they sort out the kinks of controlling a virtual nation. A huge and exceptionally elegant technique of constructing the Cryptovoxels governance token, the Cryptovoxels empire’s long-awaited native currency.

As a result, do all you can to assist the squad. Get inventive, toss in that powerful suggestion, and let the public decide on Cryptovoxels’ next great milestone. In the annals of metaverse history, a monolith to be proud of.

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