I recently interviewed Natalie Kato, the creator of cryptoart. In this interview, we talk about how she created her first piece and explains why blockchain technology is such a natural fit for art.

CryptoArt Sundays: Interview with Natalie Kato

Greetings, and welcome to CryptoArt Sundays! Today’s guest is the incredible Natalie Kato! I enjoy her mixed media style of painting since each work is so distinct and lovely.

Natalie works in the abstract realism style and is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. She studied at the Milan Art Institute and displayed her work in museums and galleries in Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. She feels that the primary purpose of her work is to assist people in connecting with their passions and hearts, to encourage them to love and be loved, to make them feel unique and valued, and to experience intimacy and infatuation.

Let’s get into our fantastic conversation and learn more about her experience as an artist in the NFT environment.

What drew you to construct your own NFTs and how did you learn about the NFT space?

NFTs were introduced to me through an Instagram artist buddy. I was excited by the prospect of digitizing my actual paintings and having yet another way to promote my work. So I decided to give it a go.


How frequently do you make something?

Every day, as a full-time artist, I produce. That is the way of life. I can’t imagine my life without art. Working with mixed media is also a joy since I never get bored or weary of it.

How do you go about coming up with ideas?

I can be fun and enjoy my creative process thanks to the mixed media method. I can be unique yet working in a consistent manner. For example, I draw or take pictures for my references today. I do collage or imprimatura the following day. Then I paint with acrylics, and there are so many different methods to paint with acrylics! But, no matter what comes before it, the last step is glazing and painting opaque brushstrokes with oils. This allows me to produce images that are vibrant, rich, and deep.


Do you have any Crypto Artists with whom you’d want to collaborate?

Collaboration with artists whose art style or subject matter I like is really enticing. But, to be honest, I’m not sure how well that notion has been implemented so far. We come from many nations and work with a variety of materials. That is why I am now contemplating digital painting. That would be something new for me, but it would certainly be thrilling.

What do you believe Crypto Art’s future will be like?

I suppose the fact that more and more people are interested in NFTs is an indication of its ultimate success. I’ve heard so many tales about how NFTs have altered people’s lives; in fact, it has changed mine. NFTs provide makers and collectors with yet another option to become a part of art history and leave an indelible mark beyond death.


What are you working on right now?

I’m currently working on a new painting series called “Movement.” It’s all about a person’s personal growth and development in the context of their daily lives. I want to highlight the variety of shapes, situations, and rates of advancement, as well as the process’s intricacy.


What are the locations where collectors may locate your work?

My artworks may be purchased via Foundation and OpenSea.


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