George Boya is an artist who has created a breathtaking dollhouse in the form of a cryptocurrency.

“Blockchain art” is a type of artwork that uses blockchain technology to store the work. In this interview, I talk with George Boya about his project and how he came up with the idea. Read more in detail here: blockchain art.

CryptoArt Sundays: Interview with George Boya

Dear art enthusiasts, welcome to CryptoArt Sundays! We’ve got a mind-blowing artist on the menu this week. George Boya is his name, and I’m completely enthralled by his very intricate, one-of-a-kind, and abstract artworks.

On his MakersPlace profile, he has an unbelievable quantity of NFT art, which is incredible. You can tell he is a person who was born with art in their bones and spirit, and it shows in his work. To give you some context, here’s some information: George is a freelancer, collage artist, and illustrator residing in Greece. Collage, painting, stained glass methods, and photography all have a role in his work. In order to produce new balanced collage compositions, he visually deconstructs portions of the actual world that we generally conceive of as stable.

To learn more about his NFT art journey, check out our fantastic interview below!

What drew you to construct your own NFTs and how did you learn about the NFT space?

NFTs were introduced to me via another blockchain platform, and I instantly recognized them as the future of art. I am not at all computer knowledgeable, so I had no clue how NFTs worked, but the thought of providing value and individuality to a digital item piqued my interest. What more could an artist want for than to have his or her work cataloged in an indestructible instrument that may last indefinitely?


How frequently do you make something?

I’m attempting to produce on a daily basis in order to keep my abilities strong while also making the day meaningful. It’s always been that way, and I can’t fathom doing anything otherwise.

How do you go about coming up with ideas?

It all begins with a large cup of coffee, some nice music, and plenty of thought. Then I open Photoshop (my preferred tool for creating) and start mixing and matching patterns until I see the concept I’m working on take shape. Then it’s back to thinking and planning the next stages before getting back to work until I’m happy with the outcomes.


Do you have any CryptoArtists with whom you’d want to collaborate?

I like collaborations since it’s exciting to see your creative style combined with another’s, although I’ve only done a couple so far. The reason for this is because I work slowly and think about, reconsider, and change sections of the composition until I am pleased. That’s great when you’re working alone, but it might be a bit stressful when you’re working with others. AlottaMoney is an artist with whom I would want to work in the future. I like his funny inventions and believe we might collaborate on something really bizarre.


What do you believe CryptoArt’s future will be like?

CryptoArt, augmented, virtual, and rare, might have a very weird future, in my opinion. In a contemporary renaissance, artworks that transcend space, time, and dimensions will be created. A global future and a common ground on which we may all collaborate and learn more about ourselves and the world around us.


What are you working on right now?

For AsyncArt, I’m presently working on my first Blueprint project. MECHANA is the name of the Blueprint, and it should be available next month. I won’t go into too much detail since I’m still working on it, but I’m extremely pleased with the results so far. I believe that every artist should do a generative project at least once in their career; they are a vital aspect of the NFT art movement, and with the tools that Async gives, it is a simple and pleasurable process.


What are the locations where collectors may locate your work?

My work may be found on Asyncart, SuperRare, MakersPlace, and Rarible, among other places.



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