Cryptoart Sunday is a weekly art auction in which artists create unique crypto-themed pieces of artwork that are then sold to the highest bidder. We talk with Coverartguy, an artist who has been creating CryptoArt works since 2017 and we learn all about what drives him to do it.

Coverartguy is an artist who has been making art for the crypto world. In this interview, he talks about why nfts are good for artists and what they can do to make their work stand out.

CryptoArt Sundays: Interview with Coverartguy

Greetings, and welcome to CryptoArt Sundays! We have a pretty amazing artist aboard this week who makes art in a unique manner – via collages! That’s something I find intriguing, and despite the fact that I’m not an artist, I’d want to attempt combining and blending various elements to create something someday. This is a style of painting that I like. I’m talking about Coverartguy, if you haven’t seen him on NFT Twitter yet.

Check out his most recent release, ‘Doors to the Unknown,’ which was released earlier this week on OpenSea. In the interview, we go into this in further detail. I definitely suggest taking a look at Coverartguy’s incredible portfolio here, as well as his Instagram profile for some serious visual delight.

Let’s get right in and see what his experience with the CryptoArt world has been thus far!

What drew you to construct your own NFTs and how did you learn about the NFT space?

I believe I first learned about NFTs from artists on Twitter, and it immediately appealed to me as a game changer for artists looking to generate income from their work. Since then, it’s been a fantastic opportunity to connect with other like-minded artists and collectors.


How frequently do you make something?

I (try) to produce every day, but that isn’t always possible; at the very least, every week!

How do you go about coming up with ideas?

Because I’m working with collage, the technique changes a lot depending on the source material I’m beginning with, and I try to keep it new by changing it up as often as possible.

It might begin with a color scheme, a core theme, or some words from a song I just listened to for inspiration. I attempt to build on that notion and play with the shape of the collage from there; experimenting is perhaps the most important component.


Do you have any CryptoArtists with whom you’d want to collaborate?

Certainly! Surrealistshay and arrogantkei are two of my favorite artists, and I’d want to collaborate with them at some time.


What do you believe CryptoArt’s future will be like?

I’m not sure, but I’m curious to find out; it’s been changing/shaping continually, but everything seems to be heading in the right way. The thing I like about the NFT area is that artists are winning, and if that continues, it will be the most important thing.


What are you working on right now?

For OpenSea, I’m presently working on a five-part series. Over the next week or so, I’ll be providing stuff on Twitter! I’m also constantly building to my OpenSea Textural Collage collection, which has been fantastic so far.

What are the locations where collectors may locate your work?

My Textural Collage collection can be found on OpenSea, and I’ll keep my Twitter profile updated with any new drops or collection news.



The “nft hate” is a series of interviews with people in the NFT space. The Interviews are done on a weekly basis, and they are called CryptoArt Sundays.

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