“I’m Anna-Maria, a digital artist and creative director for Kameleon VR. I also cohost CryptoArt Sundays on Twitch with my good friend Robert.”

The “CryptoArt Sundays: Interview with Anna-Maria” is an interview that features the creator of CryptoArt, Anna-Maria. The interview discusses her work and also includes a few insight on how to do NFTs.

Welcome to CryptoArt Sundays, where we showcase incredible creators in the field. I just reconnected with the very gifted Anna-Maria, and I have fallen head over heels for her work. Every single piece is mine!

Digital artist Anna-Maria is from Crimea. Her romantic interpretation of psychedelic, surrealistic paintings displays her own flair. She is presently working on her own venture called The Daily Muse, which comprises of gorgeous, hand-drawn artworks that are inspired by women.

Let’s get started by learning more about her NFT art and how she got her start in this field.

What inspired you to develop your own NFTs and how did you learn about the NFT market?

I initially learned about NFTs in December 2020, but I was convinced for a while that it was only applicable to well-known, well-known musicians. Fortunately, I made a new acquaintance in October 2021 who helped me believe that I was competent and who also introduced me to Kelsey Cole. I joined the NFT area after a few talks with her, and I have been really pleased ever since. 


How frequently do you make?

I now produce every day and consider it to be my full-time work. I sketch for at least 8 hours every day (but often much more).  


Do you have any favorite CryptoArtists with whom you would want to work?

A lot of them, for sure! Hoshipeachart, Halorena, Raquelcasilda, Tiffatronn, and Annfable are a few examples. This list is one that I could go on and on. The building of an interactive site-garden with the help of other artists and for philanthropic causes is one of my future goals. However, this notion is still being worked on.


What do you see CryptoArt’s future to be like? 

I think the future is going to be great! Talented artists from all over the world are constantly joining the group, working together, and surprise others with their ideas. My excitement for the notion of fusing science and art extends to my desire to think that, in the future, virtual galleries will seem even more authentic than actual ones, and that NFT art will have an impact on all of the human body’s senses.


What project are you now engaged in?

I’m presently working on a series of hand-drawn PFPs called “The Daily Muse” that celebrates the beauty, uniqueness, and endless source of inspiration found in every woman. 


Where can art buyers discover your creations?

They are at OpenSea and Foundation, and I always enjoy seeing them.



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