The Crypto Panther Club is a community built and operated by crypto enthusiasts. It’s an ongoing project that helps blockchain developers integrate their projects into daily life through various content, merchandise, events and more.
– Crypto Panthers in pop culture history (e.g., “The Shape of Water”)
– Cryptocurrency adoption among felines

Crypto Panther Club- The Fusion of Pop Culture, Felines, and NFTs

Through the artworks of NFT project ‘Crypto Panther Club,’ the renowned Pink Panther’s unique look is coming to the metaverse with a plethora of intriguing features and functionality. This new initiative intends to give feline and Web3 fans with a collection of valuable, distinctive, and pop culture-inspired Panther characters in the form of NFTs, with the support of the Blue Chip Network and an authorized artist.

Pick-up and Delivery 

The first Crypto Panther Club NFTs are a collection of 5,555 two-dimensional Panthers that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Each fictional Panther will be inspired by the popular film and TV series, and will have a brilliant palette of colors and qualities, as well as a variety of membership advantages that will increase their value even more.

The collection’s premiere date and pricing have yet to be disclosed, so stay tuned to the project’s website for more information. When the project opens, there will be a limit of three NFTs per wallet and one NFT per whitelist mint in the presale.

GLOD, a trendy and contemporary artist, created the Crypto Panther Club look. GLOD’s modern artworks are inspired by his passion for street art, graffiti, and painting. He was born in Poland and now lives in Austria. GLOD’s work investigates, visualizes, and questions society using pop culture allusions. The incredible artist has already done solo shows in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany, with many more scheduled for 2022.


Benefits of Being a Member of the Crypto Panther Club 

The project’s goal is to establish a strong NFT and art community. The team wants to give holders with more perks and usefulness over time, as well as form corporate alliances, streamline club services, and publicize GLOD’s own physical artworks. 

NFT holders can expect a slew of perks, including raffles for real artworks (with values exceeding €300,000), invitations to secret villa parties in top-tier destinations like Ibiza, LA, and Dubai, lifetime membership and VIP entry to all Crypto Panther Club art exhibitions, as well as the chance to attend private artist dinner parties, and an ever-growing utility structure.

Members will also have a say in selecting charities and non-profit organizations the firm donates to. Crypto Panthers Club will also participate in international art exhibits and solo displays to raise awareness and interest in the initiative.


Roadmap & Team

The project’s Marketing and Cooperation campaigns, which will include 10 giveaways, will begin in March 2022. The project will also be present at Crypto Expo Dubai on the 16th and 17th of March at Festival Arena, Dubai Festival City, and AIBC Summit Asia Dubai on the 20th and 23rd of March at Dubai Festival Arena. 

The project’s whitelist registration will follow, with a total of 555 slots available, as well as the release and disclosure of NFT qualities, more marketing and PR campaigns, and unique item drops for holders.

A community manager, blockchain engineer, graphic designer, social media expert, and more make up the doxxed team.

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