The artworks of Crypto Chicks founder Emily Duval were stolen by a hacker who was able to use her phone number, email address and social media accounts to gain access. The case is one example of how hackers are using vulnerabilities in password verification systems that require people to enter the same password on two different websites.

The “what is nft art” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to this question is that NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and it’s an asset created on the blockchain.

Crypto Chicks Unravels After Revealed Stolen Artworks

In the world of NFT, controversy has raised its ugly head once again. The Crypto Chicks and a slew of pirated artworks made an appearance this time.

When NFT Twitter’s collective gaze focused on the work of Brazilian artist Illustramanda, trouble started to boil. A gifted artist who purported to have created Crypto Chicks’ graphics three years prior to the project’s introduction. Then, after more inspection, it was discovered that the project was nearly completely made up of stock pictures.

The sequence of events that followed was predictable. From a high of 2.49 ETH ($6,500) to a low of 0.31 ETH ($812), the floor price plummeted. The project’s moderators then issued a statement denying knowledge of the plagiarism, breaking ways with their artist, and promising to support the initiative.

Despite all of these meaningful terms, the ointment still contains a very huge insect. As a result, tweets from November reappeared, expressing the same issues. Nobody cared back then, but as the project grew in popularity, it was scrutinized more closely, and everything finally fell apart.

Someone has been openly tracing illustramanda’s previous work from 2018 and selling versions of it as an NFT for hundreds of dollars. It’s hard not to admire art thievery.

November 3, 2021 — Kit (@HypertonicKitty)

Investing in PFP collectibles is now a minefield of dubious schemes, quick fixes, and hollow promises. So, as always, be cautious, do your own research, and choose projects carefully.


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