One in three people are currently playing games on a mobile device. With the growth of NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) and blockchain, it’s clear that this is an industry to watch as we enter into 2019. In every game you play, there will be strategic decision making based around how each player plays their cards and interacts with others.

Combat Kangas - Time to Battle it Out in a Strategic NFT Card Game

When kangaroos learn about fighting games, what happens? Of course, they carry a powerful punch! Combat Kangas is a turn-based NFT card game about a gang of NFT-loving kangaroos that like fighting one other and bringing honor to their owners.


Each game’s goal is to defeat your opponent’s Kanga. You accomplish this by selecting “Joeys” from the deck and placing them in the arena. A Joey pack contains five Joey cards, each of which is randomly picked and tradable. Each Joey is valuable and comes with a variety of useful qualities that may aid you in defeating your opponent. Fighters, weapons, armour, and even support are all examples. Joeys will be offered in two editions: common and rare.

Players will be able to play with both a Kanga NFT and a free Kanga to enable those who do not possess an NFT to participate; nevertheless, NFTs Kanga have greater benefits in the Combat Arena. Each Kanga will also have a unique combat style; some will be more focused on assault, while others will be more stealthy.


The 1 Inch Punch Tournament is a competition that takes place every year.

The first game that will take place in the Combat Arena is “The 1 Inch Punch Tournament is a competition that takes place every year.,” a throwback to Bruce Lee’s one-inch punch. Every week you can enter your Kangas into The 1 Inch Punch Tournament is a competition that takes place every year. to fight other Kangas. A player is randomly picked to go first, selects the attribute they want to use, and then the Kanga with the best score on that attribute wins. Each time you battle, you win Kanga Points in-game to receive prizes.

Fighting stats are established for each Kanga that is minted. If your token wallet has a high “Wallet Score,” your fighting stats may be improved. Kanga Points are awarded to the month’s best medalists, which may be used to reserve the next set of Combat Kangas or purchase Joey packs (cards in the Combat Arena). Winners will be able to redeem their Kanga Points for a share of 200 tokens reserved in the upcoming Combat Kangas collection. In other words, the more points you save, the more NFTs you’ll get in the following collection.

To improve your Kangas’ battle stats, you may buy “Kanga Fuel,” a native $XKF token that acts as an early entry point for the Kanga Points in-game money. The increase will last as long as you possess the NFT. The Kanga’s stats will revert to their original produced stats after being moved or sold. Kanga Fuel may be used for a variety of things in the game, but it’ll mostly be used to buy Joeys and improve NFTs Kanga. A total of 8,000 tokens will be available.

There’s a possibility that a “Master” may appear to assist you during a battle in the Combat Arena, which adds a layer of mystery and intrigue. Their job is to either assist losing Kangas improve in their next confrontation or to congratulate and boost victorious Kangas even more! The losing Kanga will get training from the Master Kanga, which will improve its poorest fighting stat and prepare it for the next bout. After all, each Kanga is deserving of a prize!

Each collection will include a maximum of ten rare Masters, which players will be able to earn through holding tokens and entering a prize draw. Each Master has a chance to assist each day, and its owner may earn up to 30 tokens every month for doing so.

In addition, the team has set aside 200 xKangaMK1 tokens for gifts. Long-term holders of xKangaMK1 tokens will get a portion of the following collection’s tokens (not an xKangaMK1). Here’s a sneak peek at a pre-demo gameplay test, with a lot more to come.

It’s time for a short #NFTGame #CombatArena update!

This is a very early pre-alpha demo that tests the logic of picking a card and playing a game.

Parallel to this, we’re working on the game’s artwork, and we’ll have an update on that shortly! #XRPL #CombatKanga #nfts

November 27, 2021 — Combat Kanga (@CombatKanga)

NFTs Kanga

The MK1 Collection will be the “basic” Kangas, with no characteristics or any rarities. The winners of community prize drawings have inspired some of the artwork. A separate draw was conducted for backgrounds, eyes, and ears. After each winner chose two ideas, the Kangas team developed the artwork for them. The remaining collections will include Kangas that are developed at random from these 10 foundation characters and have over 30 distinct qualities.

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