MakersPlace is a marketplace for makers and crafters to sell their products directly. WhaleShark decided to join as an investor, becoming the company’s first private equity partner. Whaleshark will be providing capital through strategic investments in MakersPlace tokens that unlock new value within the ecosystem.,

The “baby whale shark” is a cryptocurrency that was created on the Ethereum blockchain. The whale shark has been described as a “cryptocurrency for whales”.

Collector WhaleShark Joins MakersPlace in Role of Curator

WhaleShark, a renowned collector of all things NFT, is pleased to announce a long-term relationship with MakersPlace. In the future, he will serve as a curator for the prestigious marketplace.

Taking on the role of “Curator of Photography,” WhaleShark will feature 15 outstanding NFT photographers each month, drawing attention to their unique abilities and assisting them in expanding their digital horizons.

By special invitation, WhaleShark will whitelist a group of applicants. Then, pending the completion of the appropriate ID verification, they will be welcomed into the fold. Following that, they will become members of the WhaleShark selected collection and, as a result, of an exclusive NFT photographic community.

1/ The Collector has taken on the role of Curator.

I purchase #nftphotography from a variety of sources. If it was delicious, I’d even purchase it from my redneck neighbor’s backyard.

Getting in front of the correct audience is one of the most important possibilities for #NFTphotographers…

This is about to change.

December 6, 2021 — WhaleShark.eth (@WhaleShark Pro)

WhaleShark has a thorough understanding of the NFT business as a whole, having played a significant role in it. However, one of his major hobbies is photography, in which he has made significant investments. As a result, his vast understanding of the topic has found its ideal place.

WhaleShark will get a big chunk of MakersPlace’s standard commission for his services. The noble collector, on the other hand, has promised to pay this charge forward in order to help other photographers, and will therefore utilize the extra funds to sponsor a forthcoming grant fund. Sir, you have done an excellent job.


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