Coinbase, the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform in North America and Europe today announced that it has integrated its wallet with Decentraland and The Sandbox. This is a significant step forward for crypto-gaming as users of these two games will now have access to their funds on Coinbase wallets just like they would if they owned cryptocurrencies themselves.

Coinbase Wallet Integrates with Decentraland and The Sandbox. This is a wallet that allows users to store their cryptocurrency on the blockchain. It also has an in-app marketplace where users can buy and sell items from other users.。

The Sandbox and Decentraland now have Coinbase’s wallet integrated, giving users of both platforms access to a greater variety of options and making the metaverse far more accessible.

By utilizing their Coinbase wallet as their entry point into the often dynamic and interesting virtual world, users may now connect on to some of the trendiest destinations inside the metaverse according to its most recent upgrade. Consequently, enhancing the decentralized character of these Web3 environment powerhouses.

You may now immediately log into Decentraland with your @coinbasewallet, welcome Coinbase users!

Users may now log in, explore, and own a piece of the metaverse using Coinbase Wallet.

Both the PC desktop client and the browser platform will incorporate Coinbase Wallet!

June 28, 2022 — Decentraland (@decentraland)

Users may now engage with the native tokens of both ecosystems thanks to the Coinbase integration. They may now use the wallet to buy NFTs and metaverse real estate in addition to getting more staking, governance, and ecosystem advantages.

Given Coinbase’s considerable influence in the cryptocurrency industry, this is a crucial development for both Web3 native ecosystems. Currently ranked as the top cryptocurrency exchange in the USA, it has over 98 million registered users and pioneered the Web3 space with its very user-friendly non-custodial wallet.


Coinbase Wallet Integrates with Decentraland and The Sandbox. Coinbase is a digital currency wallet that allows users to buy, sell, send, and receive Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies. Reference: coinbase sandbox api.

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