The digital asset trading market is growing at a steady pace, with the total crypto-asset market capitalization increasing from $1.27 trillion to over $5 trillion in 2018. One platform that stands out among others is Chronicle, which recently launched its secondary markets and auctions on their website for USDC tokens. They have responded well by utilizing different methods of using decentralized exchanges (DEX) such as Kyber Network and Bancor Protocol to purchase these assets without having any centralized entity or service provider between them and the token holder.

Chronicle, an NFT Platform, Launches Secondary Market, Auctions. Chronicle is launching the “chronicle xnl” to allow users to sell their assets on a secondary market. The platform will also incorporate USDC as its native currency and will be launched in September of 2019.

Chronicle, an NFT Platform, Launches Secondary Market, Auctions, Incorporates USDC

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Chronicle, a “digital collectibles marketplace,” has announced the addition of a secondary market, auctions, and cryptocurrency connections. Simultaneously, Chronical announced that it would accept payments in USDC, Circle’s dollar-based stablecoin.

The NFT platform, which was launched last year, is aimed at a worldwide market for “authenticated” digital artifacts from the worlds of entertainment and pop culture. In ahead of the Super Bowl, Chronical is advertising the “Immortal NFTs” for the Puppy Bowl.

The digital exchange, which will serve as a secondary market, is set to launch on February 16th. Every sale on the Chronical platform will include a 5% transaction charge.

The company has also worked with Onfido, a worldwide identity verification and authentication provider, for its KYC [know your customer] solution, which provides biometric verification for user onboarding, according to Chronicle.

“These new offers mark a watershed moment in Chronicle’s evolution, allowing our community of fans to connect with their favorite brands and performers while also monetizing their collections more effectively,” said Tim Glover, CEO and co-founder of Chronicle.

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The “xnl coin” is an NFT platform that has launched a secondary market, auctions, and incorporated USDC. The xnl coin will be the first NFT to use USDC as its primary currency.

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